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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Why Medical Laser Rental as Opposed to Buying Works So Well

    Medical Laser Rental Vs. Buying

    It doesn’t matter whether you have a well-established spa or cosmetic procedure practice or are just starting out. In either case, it can be a great idea to explore medical laser rental. When you have at least one aesthetic laser device as part of your practice, it can drastically increase the number of services you can provide to your clients. Obviously, that also means a drastic increase in profits. But it’s not always feasible to purchase your own cosmetic laser equipment. Here’s why rental is usually a much better choice.

    It Saves You from Making a Large Initial Investment

    First of all, renting aesthetic laser equipment saves you from investing a lot of money up front. Whether you actually would have had the money to invest or not, that is still a good thing. Even if you have a lot of capital, why tie it all up in one mechanical device if you don’t have to. By renting equipment, you can save it for other investments later on.

    It Turns a Profit Faster

    When you rent cosmetic laser devices, you can gain back your rental fees almost immediately. All it takes is a few procedures performed with that machine, and the rest of the procedures done over that month will translate to pure profits. That’s something that any business owner can appreciate. Whereas it could take you years to regain money lost buy purchasing a brand new machine.

    It Allows You to Offer Short-Term Services

    Renting medical laser devices is also a great way to offer services for a short period of time. The two primary reasons to do that are:

    • You can test your clients to see how many of them will take advantage of a specific service, like hair removal or tattoo removal.
    • You can provide a one-time service to a loyal customer in order to keep them happy, even if you don’t want to offer that service to all of your customers on an ongoing basis.

    It Allows You to Test Various Machine Types

    Another advantage of medical laser rental is that it allows you to switch machines at will. If you rent by the month, you can cancel the rental of one machine at any time and try renting another. That can also be a great way to test your clients’ needs against the capabilities of different aesthetic laser devices.

    It Gives You the Ability to Change with the Industry

    A final advantage of medical laser rental is that it gives you the ability to change with the industry. The cosmetic laser procedure industry is an ever-changing one. If you purchase a cosmetic laser device, you are then stuck with that device, whether you want it or not. On the other hand, if you choose to rent one, you can always change your mind later. That means, if any fantastic new machines are manufactured anytime soon, you can easily get in on the ground floor and take full advantage of them when the time comes.

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