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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Rent / Sell / Training

    Rent Cosmetic, Medical & Aesthetic Laser Equipment

    Offer More Cosmetic Services To Your Clients:

    • Skin Tightening
    • Liposuction
    • Skin Resurfacing
    • Skin Rejuvenation
    • Pigmented Lesion Removal
    • Hair Removal
    • Vascular Lesion Removal
    • Tattoo Removal

    Rent Cosmetic Lasers in the Tri-State Area

    We will deliver the aesthetic laser equipment to your practice, whether you are in New York, Connecticut or New Jersey. We will deliver rental units anywhere within a 3-hour drive of Manhattan.

    Daily Aethetic Laser Equipment Rentals in New York City

    We rent aesthetic lasers from the following manufacturers:

    • Alma Laser
    • Cutera Laser
    • Cynosure Laser
    • Candela Laser
    • Hoya Con Bio
    • Lumenis Laser
    • Palomar Laser & IPL
    • Sciton Laser
    • Syneron Laser

    Renting cosmetic laser equipment is the perfect alternative for those who are not interested in purchasing a laser. A rental can afford you the opportunity to offer your clients comprehensive laser treatment and the flexibility to invest in other aspects of your business.

    Minimized Financial Risk

    Renting a laser gives you the ability to have the finest cosmetic laser product available without having to absorb the financial burden of ownership.

    Ability to Save Space

    Owners of medical laser equipment are responsible to store their devices when they are not in use. By renting our cosmetic laser equipment, you can have access to a laser without the responsibility of storing it. This is something of particular value to our clients in New York City. Our customers in New York find that the ability to rent cosmetic laser equipment allows them to manage the real estate in their office much more efficiently.

    No Maintenance Costs

    When you rent, the financial burden of maintenance and repairs is not your responsibility. We maintain our lasers, making sure they are always in proper working order. Should our equipment malfunction for any reason, aside from your neglegence, we will have our qualified technicians fix the cosmetic equipment for you at no extra cost.

    NY Laser Outlet offers numerous medical and tattoo removal lasers for rent from manufacturers including Alma, Cutera, Cynosure, Candela, Hoya Con Bio, Lumenis, Palomar, Sciton Laser and Syneron.

    Sell Your Medical Laser

    Do you have cosmetic laser equipment that you no longer use? We are always looking to buy aesthetic laser equipment. We buy cometic lasers, IPL, RF, cosmetic laser handpieces and aesthetic laser equipment. Fill out the form to sell your cosmetic laser and we will call you with a quote within 24 hours.

    Trade-In Medical Laser

    NY Laser Outlet accepts trade-ins of your current device if your are looking to upgrade your cosmetic laser equipment or offer different treatments in your practice. We accept many major brands of:

    • Used Cosmetic Laser Handpieces/Heads
    • Used Aesthetic Lasers
    • Used Cosmetic Lasers
    • Used IPL Systems
    • Used RF Systems


    New employees often lack a comprehensive understanding of cosmetic lasers or IPL. Professional training will help ensure that your patients are getting quality treatments from a knowledgeable staff.

    NY Laser Outlet is happy to provide training for use of aesthetic lasers in your practice.

    Existing employees may also benefit from a comprehensive training by our licensed training professionals. They will better understand how to use and maintain your aesthetic laser machine. Proper training will also allow you to save on repairs or replacement of your machine.

    Please contact us today to review options for your equipment. Feel Free to email us at or call +1-800-887-1966.

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