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    Aesthetic Laser Technology


    Cosmetic Laser Handpiece For Sale

    We sell fully refurbished used cosmetic laser handpieces for all types of laser machines. Adding a handpiece to your current laser equipment allows you to offer additional treatments to your cosmetic lineup. A broader treatment offering provides additional procedures to your patients without investing in a new aesthetic laser machine. Additionally, you won’t lose current patients to the clinic down the street that does offer these procedures. Refurbished cosmetic laser hand pieces are a fraction of the cost manufacturer’s charge and deliver your patients the same great results.

    We sell refurbished used cosmetic laser handpieces of the following manufacturers:

    • Alma Handpiece
    • Asclepion Handpiece
    • BTL Handpiece
    • Candela Handpiece
    • Cutera Handpiece
    • Cynosure Handpiece
    • Deka Handpiece
    • Hoya Con Bio Handpiece
    • Lumenis Handpiece
    • Lutronic Handpiece
    • Palomar Handpiece
    • Quanta Handpiece
    • Rohrer Aesthetics Handpiece
    • Sciton Handpiece
    • Syneron Handpiece
    • Viora Handpiece
    • Zimmer Handpiece

    During refurbishment, our hand piece undergoes a complete overhaul. We replace flash lamps with brand new ones, reset the shot count, complete a full calibration, polish the crystal, clean the cavity, verify optical alignment, replace optical fibers and test the energy. Our handpieces pass our 75 point handpiece inspection prior to being offered for sale.

    Below is a list of some of the aesthetic laser and IPL handpieces we have in stock. Our clients appreciate the diversity of products we offer because it allows them to provide a multitude of cosmetic laser, medical and aesthetic services.

    Handpieces can quickly wear out, accumulate shot counts and may not be working optimally. We offer cosmetic laser handpiece repair for anyone looking to refurbish an existing handpiece.

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