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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Which Laser Hair Removal Equipment Works Best?

    Laser Hair Removal Equipment

    For the last couple decades, the laser hair removal industry has been rapidly evolving, and so has the actual laser hair removal equipment used in professional settings. It used to be something that could only be done by certain professionals and was even considered a little taboo by some people. But nowadays you can find laser hair removal devices in all sorts of places, including spas, and even private homes. The question is which laser hair removal equipment works best.

    Professional Devices

    The quick answer is that professional laser hair removal equipment is obviously going to work better than any hand-held device that is made for use in the privacy of your own home. The simple reason for that is that professional lasers are much more powerful devices. They target hair follicles and essentially damage or destroy the roots of each hair. That’s why hair removed professionally can sometimes take months to grow back. In certain cases, it may not grow back at all.

    However, that’s not to say that professional devices don’t have their drawbacks. If you want to have hair professionally removed, you will have to go to a clinic, spa, or other location that offers the service, and you’ll have to pay a fee, just like for any other service. Not only that, but you may have to go back for a few treatments before you have success, and eventually you may need to repeat the process when the hair grows back.

    At-Home Devices

    The inconvenience and expense of professional treatments is what caused the industry to explode with at-home devices designed to remove unwanted hair. They seem to be everywhere lately and, although they may look different for one another, they all operate in much the same way. They use low-level light pulses to thin out surface hair, but they aren’t powerful enough to really zap away that unwanted hair at the root like a professional device could. So, even though you might get decent results if you use such a device daily, it might be more worth it to you to have professional treatments done.

    Laser Hair Removal Equipment Laws

    If you are really serious about getting rid of unwanted hair, you should also look into laser hair removal equipment laws in your state. Some states will allow professional machines to be owned and operated by private citizens in their homes, as long as those citizens undergo training and get certified in how to use the machines. So, if you really wanted to, you might be able to purchase your own professional device.

    Of course, even if the laws allow it in your state, professional laser hair removal equipment can be quite expensive. So, it’s not an investment to be made without thinking things through, first. Also, you might just feel more comfortable having a professional remove your unwanted hair, rather than trying to remove it yourself. But, assuming your state’s laws allow it, that choice is up to you. Only you can decide the best way to reach your hair removal goal.

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