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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Laser Repairs

    No matter how well you take care of your laser device, sooner or later, it will malfunction. Consider your choices in advance so you are ready when it happens. Knowledge about these repairs will help you make the best selection and help steer you clear of expensive or disreputable repair services.

    Factory Service Warranties

    It is common for new laser equipment to come with a factory warranty covering a limited time period. The warranty typically covers specific repairs for a limited duration of a year or two. Though they seem like a great idea, you need to be wary.

    After the Warranty Expires

    Frequently, you are able to obtain more repairs from the factory despite the warranty expiring. However, you may find it’s much more expensive to continue those services. For one thing, they may demand an annual contract be signed to retain their services and charge a hefty fee for it even if you don’t end up using it. That contract fee won’t cover the labor and parts cost of actual repairs, either.

    Laser Device Repair Through Retail

    Going direct to the manufacturer is not the only way to get your aesthetic laser device fixed. Retail service shops offer routine maintenance in addition to repairing malfunctions. One big issue you will run into with retail services is that they normally specialize in a limited number of models. Making certain that shop is trustworthy is important, too

    Research what retail shops are in your surrounding area. If you are planning to purchase a laser device, it is vital to find a local repair service that actually handles your specific model. You don’t want to wind up having a broken machine and no one to repair it.

    There are several advantages to using a retail repair service located within the local area. For one thing, they rarely require service contracts, which means you keep your costs down. They typically only charge for actual labor and parts. An even bigger advantage is that they often can repair the machine immediately. That keeps you business flowing without down time for repairs.

    Locating a Reliable Retail Repair Service

    Your profit depends upon satisfied clients returning for more services. Since broken machines mean interrupted services, it’s critical to have a repair service you can trust. Not all retail repair shops are reputable, so take the time to check their reputations first.

    Before choosing a local repair center, talk to the spas in your vicinity and find out who they use. Check the service shop they recommend and what they like about them. There are some trustworthy companies out there, it’s just a matter of doing the research to find them. The more knowledge you have about them, the easier it is to find the right one to service your business.

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