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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    What You Need to Know About Aesthetic Laser Parts and Service

    When you own a cosmetic services business, having at least one aesthetic laser is essential. But if you’re about to purchase a new model, whether it’s your first or a replacement, you should definitely make sure that one factor you focus on is who will do the repairs, if they are ever needed, as well as where the parts will come from.

    Warranties Offer a Somewhat False Sense of Security

    When you purchase a brand new laser machine, it will almost certainly come with a warranty from the manufacturer. That warranty may give you a false sense of security. If there’s a problem they will take care of it, right? Well yes, but eventually there may be a catch or two.

    First of all, warranties might not cover all aspects of the parts and labor involved in fixing the device. In addition to that, the warranties on these machines usually run out after a year or two. The manufacturer will usually be glad to continue servicing them after that time is up, for a price. In fact, many of them will require you to sign service contracts and pay ongoing fees, even when your machine is in working order. It’s one thing to pay when your machine needs a repair and quite another to pay all year long, even if it doesn’t.

    Paying for Laser Repairs Only When They’re Needed

    If you’re interested in paying for laser repairs only when they’re needed, as you should be, you will need to find a local company that is capable of doing that for you. There are plenty of third party repair companies out there with no affiliations to a particular manufacturer.

    These non-manufacturer repair companies often operate on a call-by-call basis. They are likely to only bill you for parts and labor that are required when you call them. Also, many of them offer fast repairs done during non-business hours, which can keep you from having to close, reschedule clients, or otherwise disrupt your business during the repair process. Learn More.

    Locating a Repair Company Before Purchasing a Device

    There is only one major problem with hiring a local repair company to fix your aesthetic laser when it malfunctions. That problem is that certain companies may only repair specific brands and models. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that you find a local company capable of repairing the model that you want to purchase. If you buy it and then wait until it needs repairs to look for a service or parts provider, you could be severely disappointed and lose valuable time, as well as money.

    When you’re searching for a repair company, be sure to ask them where they get their parts. Also, ask them what the average time is to wait for those parts and take care of the repairs. Obviously, some time will be required, but a good service company will do the best to minimize that time and get your laser device back up and running as soon as possible. They will understand that your clients’ time is valuable, and so is your own.

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