Invest in certified pre-owned

Aesthetic Laser Technology

During the past 10 years, the spa industry in general has experienced great growth. As a segment, the medical spa industry has also grown significantly with more clients choosing physician-owned medical spas over plastic surgeons for nonsurgical procedures. This evolution means tons of opportunity for entrepreneurs with the appropriate medical background that want to provide a substitute for health and beauty procedures to clients.

When starting a new business you want to be able to have the best services you can offer to differentiate yourself in the market. One of them includes medical lasers. Medical lasers machines are now being used for cosmetic surgery and being used by professionals in med spas. Business professionals want to compete with other spas by having the best equipment while not breaking the bank to accomplish this task. It is important to understand that the medical spa industry is comparatively new, and being a new industry there are questions you need to confront, one of them being how can I save on cosmetic laser equipment.

Solution – Find used medical lasers for sale

How to do this: Finding brokers that sell used medical lasers and or medical laser parts are a perfect solution on how to save money that can be put into other areas of the business. You get the same end result without having to spend close to $100,000. It’s simple, type into the Internet “ Used medical lasers for sale” and tons of options come up! Brokers are listed and have websites where you can take a virtual tour of their showroom and chat instantly with the seller. However, you could be hesitant that buying used medical laser machines are not the same as buying new. New or used – there are positive aspects and negative aspects to both so to get a full understanding, be sure to understand the trade-offs.

Positive aspects include the following:

  • Used medical laser machines are more affordable, especially in a new business where cost is key, this can save a business thousands
  • Good companies have the used medical laser equipment undergo strict testing and quality control procedures before being purchased

Negative aspects include the following:

  • There are fake brokers out there so beware of where you purchase these used lasers. There is an appropriate concern for the integrity, reliability and the safety of the medical equipment being sold. Just because a website might say used medical lasers for sale, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a scam.
  • No warranty- however there may be local companies that can repair breaks instead of a warranty.
  • Buying before testing the machine

This is one option on how to save money when opening a new business. This a completely do-able option however it does come with some hazards. If you stay smart and alert, it is possible to find quality used lasers equipment at a significant discount the manufacturers. The end result is more cash avaliable to invest in growing you business.