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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Used Cosmetic Lasers For Sale

    Cosmetic medicine has been undergoing a phase of rapid development and expansion since the 1980’s. Continued technological advances in the new and used cosmetic laser industry have created more and more applications for non-invasive cosmetic procedures. What was once achieved only through surgical procedures can now be accomplished using aesthetic laser equipment. Since the types of non-invasive procedures have expanded greatly and continue to grow, consumers are opting for non-invasive treatments because they are less costly with less downtime. There are twice as many cosmetic equipment procedures today than there were 10 years ago

    Physicians and med-spa owners have numerous factors affecting the determination of which machine to buy and how best to grow or expand their existing practice. Factors include:

    Client Demographics – Determine the age, skin type, and cosmetic needs of the clientele.

    Budget – Determine the budget before shopping for a particular piece of equipment. This will avoid falling in love with a machine outside the allowable price range.

    New or Used – There are pros and cons to both so be sure to understand the trade-off. New machines cost more and offer all the bells and whistles for treatments. Used cosmetic lasers can be more affordable and offer substantial savings but beware of where you buy it and the type of services provided. There is a legitimate concern for the integrity, reliability and the safety of the equipment. Used medical laser equipment should undergo strict testing and quality control procedures before being purchased.

    Payment Options – The following are options for new or used laser equipment for sale. Cash – avoids loan fees but can consume a large part of a company’s capital. Financing – a loan by a bank which involves interest and loan fees. This may not be an option for a buyer with a lower credit score. Leasing – lowers monthly costs and can offer greater freedom to trade older technology for newer lasers. However, there is no equity in the equipment. Renting – costs more on a day-to-day basis but there is no financial or contract obligation and it’s a great way to test out equipment and offer laser procedures in a business before making a full investment.

    Warranty – When considering warranty options there are two important considerations. If equipment breaks, is there a local company that can repair it or must it be shipped back to the company? Will there be another laser available while the machine is being repaired? Many used aesthetic lasers do not come with any warranty so be careful to check this out before purchase.

    Demo – Make sure you can see and test the machine being considered for purchase. It is a large investment and it’s important to be sure the equipment is the right machine and in good working condition. This should be done regardless of whether the equipment is a new or pre-owned laser.

    Training – Since esthetic professionals do not need to have medical backgrounds to become a cosmetic laser specialist, it is important that proper training be available for all used medical equipment purchasers and staff, regardless of whether the equipment is new or refurbished laser equipment. In addition, training should be available for new team members to an existing practice.

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