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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Used Cosmetic Laser Scams

    Don’t Get Caught by Cosmetic Laser Scams

    Have you ever heard of cosmetic laser scams? Well, if you are in a business where you may need to purchase a cosmetic laser device then you definitely need to be aware of them. Unfortunately, they are happening every day online, just like many other online scams.

    What is a Cosmetic Laser Scam?

    A cosmetic laser scam happens when a company makes false claims, usually online on a fake website, about having cosmetic lasers for sale. Consumers like you might find that website and spend money to purchase one of those medical lasers for sale, only to find out later that the product doesn’t exist at all or is not the same as it was represented on the website. If you fall victim to a cosmetic laser scam, you can waste thousands of dollars, and you might not be able to get that money back, at least not without a lot of legal battles, lost time, and even more lost money.

    Luckily, there are many ways to avoid scams involving aesthetic laser devices. Let’s look at some quick and easy things you can do to verify the legitimacy of both the website itself and the laser you want to purchase.

    Only Buy from Manufacturer Websites

    Of course, you could only buy products from official manufacturer websites. That would help you to avoid all forms of scams. The only problem is those products might be quite expensive. There are legitimate third-party websites out there that sell used cosmetic lasers at deep discounts. See more.

    Find and Examine Several Websites

    First of all, you need to find and examine several websites before you make any purchasing decisions. Look at each website and see how you feel. Does the website seem professional? Does it offer all of the information you might want? Be sure to look and see if the contact information for the company is prominently listed and, if possible, verify that it is actually real contact information.

    Prepare and Ask Some Questions

    Before you call the company to purchase a cosmetic laser device, you should prepare some questions to ask them. A few simple questions will help you to see how knowledgeable they actually are in the field of laser cosmetic equipment and procedures. If they don’t give you satisfactory answers, you should probably purchase your medical laser device elsewhere.

    Request a Conference Call Online

    Once you have a company selected, ask them if they would be willing to conference call with you online. You can use Skype, Facetime, or other video calling software to meet with them, even if they aren’t local to you. During the online chat you can get to know the company and its representative. You can also ask to view the machine that you plan on buying and verify that it works and it is what you want.

    As long as you shop for a cosmetic laser carefully and check everything thoroughly, you should have no problem purchasing a new or used cosmetic laser device. You can easily save a lot of money, and your clients are sure to love the new procedures that you will be able to offer.

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