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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Used Cosmetic Laser Equipment

    The desire for beauty, youthful looks and enhanced physical attractiveness has fueled the growth of aesthetic cosmetic equipment. Double the manufacturers exist today, than there were ten years ago. While the marketing of new equipment has advanced, most of the technology is the same that existed in 2004.

    Medaesthetic clinics wishing to remain competitive must be aware of the initial investment cost of equipment, in comparison to the amount clients will pay. Most manufacturers enter the business because of the margins on the equipment and service contracts. Unless you are amazingly busy (and I hope you are) the cost of the aesthetic equipment and annual service contract significantly hurt your return on investment. A solution to this is the certified refurbished medical laser equipment market.

    Technologies in Medaesthetic Cosmetic Equipment

    There are four technologies at play in cosmetic equipment used in medaesthetic treatments. These include:

    1. LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)
    2. IR (Infra Red)
    3. RF (Radio Wave)
    4. DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control)

    These technologies have proven useful in a wide range of cosmetic medical treatments such as hair reduction, body contouring, skin blemish removal, skin rejuvenation, removal of vascular lesions and many more.

    The four technologies have been in use in the medaesthetic field for over two decades. As a business person, it is critical you look at return-on-investment (ROI). Depending on the opportunity, it may be more beneficial to invest in preowned cosmetic lasers. If you can find refurbished cosmetic equipment, you have the ability to be cash flow positive with less upfront investment.

    Patient Satisfaction

    Today’s patients are well informed; they are no longer inclined towards allowing physicians to blindly dictate the recommended course of treatment.

    Medaesthetic professionals must not only be proficient at operating the cosmetic equipment itself but also in explaining to patients, both in advance and during the course of treatments, just how the desired results are to be achieved and what dictates the choosing of the numerous variables involved (such as wavelength, pulse power / duration, number of pulses per treatment etc.).

    Keeping patients actively involved in the decision making process goes a long way towards ensuring their ultimate satisfaction.

    Best way to add Cosmetic Laser Equipment to your practice:

    1. Understand your client base and what cosmetic treatments interest them.
    2. Identify which aesthetic equipment achieves the desired goal.
    3. Look for used cosmetic laser equipment for sale.
    4. Be sure you FaceTime or skype with the seller to ensure they have the medical lasers and they are in proper working order.

    When buying used medical laser equipment on the second hand market, be sure the other party has the machine in their possession. This cannot be stressed enough. With FaceTime and Skype this is easier than ever to achieve. Cosmetic laser and IPL equipment is a significant investment and it’s critical you know with whom you are doing business.

    Additionally, work to find sellers that have refurbished the aesthetic equipment to the original manufacturer specifications and will provide a warranty. Warranty in the second hand aesthetic laser market is generally 30-90 days.

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