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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Are Used Aesthetic Lasers a Good Business Investment?

    If you’re wondering if used aesthetic lasers are a good business investment, the short answer is yes. But you really should understand all the reasons why they are a good addition to any business. If you plan to buy one or more for your own business, you should also be aware of how to shop for one with the least risks and the most profit potential.

    The Obvious Reason to Buy a Used Aesthetic Laser

    The obvious reason to buy a used laser devices to save money. A new one might cost more than you can afford to spend. Even if you have the money to make that investment, money you could save by purchasing a used aesthetic laser device instead could be used to expand your business in other ways.

    The Less Obvious Reasons to Buy Lasers That Are Used

    One of the less obvious reasons to buy lasers that are used is that you can learn more about them. Chances are that a model that is a few years old has been reviewed several times. You can use those reviews to find the laser that can provide the best possible service for your clients. While a brand new device might claim to be the best on the market, it won’t have that same kind of verifiable reputation.

    Another less obvious reason to get your cosmetic laser used is that it will be easier to get it repaired when the time comes. Companies that specialize in repairing such medical equipment won’t have experience with brand new models. They’re more likely to be able to repair a slightly older model. Also, parts for machines that are a year or two old might be more readily available.

    Why Used Lasers Are Increasing in Popularity

    There are a few things that are causing used lasers to become more popular in recent years. The first is that they are simply there. When laser devices first came on the market, there were no used ones. They were all new. Even as some models got a little older, they weren’t readily available. The Internet has changed all of that by providing a forum for used medical equipment resellers to sell their goods.

    Another reason for the increase in popularity of the used devices over the new ones is that certain myths about lasers are finally being dispelled. One of those myths is that older lasers can’t handle the procedures that newer lasers perform. They really can, as long as they aren’t more than about four years old. Laser procedure methods do undergo changes from one incarnation to the next, but those changes are generally quite small. So, a machine that is a year or two out of date can still easily treat your clients.

    The bottom line is that you have to consider the bottom line when you have a business. If you can save money while also making more money, that’s a win-win situation. That’s exactly what buying used aesthetic lasers instead of new ones can do for you. Just be sure  to do some thorough research before you spend your money on a specific one.

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