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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Used Aesthetic Laser Machines Can Improve Your Revenue

    You are probably already aware of how useful aesthetic lasers can be in a cosmetics practice. So, if you own a clinic or spa and don’t have at least one, what’s stopping you? Chances are it’s the cost. Even a single brand new laser machine can cost over $100,000. Combine that with the fact that you might want different machines to perform different treatments and the costs can become astronomical. But there are some things that you should think about before ruling them out.

    The Investment Will be Well Worth It

    The first thing you need to know about buying any laser machine is that the investment will almost definitely be well worth it. People are always making appointments to have laser treatments of one sort or another. So, your clients will practically appear out of nowhere once word of mouth spreads. Soon you will have made your money back and will be earning a profit on a regular basis from your new laser machine.

    You Can Decrease Your Investment with Used Devices

    One way to lower your investment is to buy used lasers instead of new ones. You might think that older lasers can’t perform as well as the models made in the last year or so, but that’s not necessarily true. Lasers made a few years ago can perform just as well. In fact, some manufacturers make very minor changes to their lasers from year to year. So, unless there’s a drastic and sudden advancement, a used machine can be just as good as a new one.

    Exactly how much can you save by purchasing a used laser? Well, many companies that sell used medical equipment offer deep discounts. So, it’s reasonable to expect 25% off the cost of a new laser and, in some cases, it could be as much as 50% off. That leaves a lot more of your money free to use on other things, or you can invest it in a second type of laser device and double the amount of treatments your spa or clinic can perform.

    Used Machines May Actually be More Reliable

    Another good reason to buy a used machine is that it may be more reliable than a new one. This year’s laser devices may not have established reputations, but a model that is a year or two older should. That means that you can get a very good idea of the capabilities of models that are a little older by simply reading unbiased reviews on various websites, allowing you to make a more informed purchasing decision.

    Used machines can also be more reliable because local third party repair companies may be more familiar with them. That means that it could be easier and faster to have your machine repaired anytime it might malfunction. Granted, manufacturers do offer warranties on brand new models, but their fees can also get expensive when those warranties expire. So, you should always identify other companies in your area that can repair a device before you buy it. That’s the best way to guarantee that you will be able to provide steady services to your clients.

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