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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Used Aesthetic Laser Equipment For Sale

    Preowned Aesthetic Laser Equipment For Sale

    Regardless if you’re entering the medical laser business or growing an existing practice, deciding whether to purchase a brand new aesthetic laser or a used aesthetic laser is an important decision. Although there is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on your business operation, needs, and goals.

    By identifying the pros and cons of purchasing a new or used cosmetic laser, you can determine the most efficient and effective way to generate revenue and profits while satisfying the needs of your clients.

    Brand New Aesthetic Laser vs. Refurbished/Used Aesthetic Laser

    With laser equipment just launching in the 1990’s, it was most fit to purchase the newest equipment available. With technology constantly growing, newer and better machines were produced each year. Purchasing new equipment through manufacturers provided a level of comfort to the aesthetic laser market via warranties, training, and service contracts. This degree of comfort, however, came at a high expense to those who could front the capital to cover the cost of the machine as well as its servicing.

    By 2003, the cosmetic laser technology began to level out. With each cosmetic laser minimally changing, purchasing used cosmetic lasers became a great way to adopt the latest technology with less costly upfront capital.

    There is no better time to purchase refurbished cosmetic laser equipment! With breakthrough technology peaking in the 2000’s, there are a manifold of benefits in purchasing refurbished laser equipment.


    Second hand aesthetic lasers can list for up to 75% less than the retail price, which could be equivalent to a savings of up to $100,000. For a small business or new entrant in the industry, this could be the difference between being profitable and being in debt. This can also be a great opportunity for established businesses that aim to diversify their machine inventory and services for a fraction of the cost.


    With a growing variety of options for high quality pre-owned aesthetic lasers, it is easier to find equipment that fits your needs and budget. Some refurbished lasers are accumulated via ended leases, trade in, bank repossessions, and refurbished lasers by technicians.


    Financing equipment has become increasingly reasonable and cost efficient, with interest rates low over the recent years. Those who have good credit will have an easier time finding financing options.

    Tax Incentives:

    Whether you are purchasing used or brand new cosmetic laser equipment, government tax advantages have made purchase of equipment more affordable, especially via write-offs and depreciation.

    One of the most important components to a successful transaction is finding a reputable seller. Be sure to research potential sellers to ensure credibility. Key signals are client testimonials, financial strength of a seller and servicing reliability.

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