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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Tips & Tricks In Purchasing Used Medical Lasers

    Buying Used Medical Lasers & Save Money

    As the owner of a spa or medical practice, you are probably already aware of the many uses of medical lasers. They can be used for anything from laser eye surgery to dental procedures. However, there is an ever-growing market for lasers that perform skin treatments.

    Just think about the aging process. Most of us hate to admit it, but we aren’t getting any younger. Yet, looking younger is at the forefront of our minds. As a business owner, you can take advantage of that desire that we all have to look younger by offering medical laser procedures.

    What Laser Procedures Should I Offer?

    Specialization is the key to the success of most cosmetic laser businesses, especially since lasers themselves tend to be designed for very specific purposes. In other words, a laser designed to remove unwanted hair isn’t usually meant to also cover up wrinkles or scars, and vice versa. So, due in large part to the cost of each device, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a lot of machines that all perform different services.

    Another reason to specialize is that it lets your clients know that you are working hard to provide a very specific service. When they look at you as an expert in a certain field, they will keep coming back to you when they need that specific procedure. So, which procedure you offer isn’t as important as simply making sure that you have the certification and training to perform that procedure well and make your clients trust you. Here are some procedures you could specialize in:

    • Removing Wrinkles
    • Covering Tattoos
    • Reducing the Appearance of Scars
    • Eliminating Stretch Marks
    • Covering Sun Spots, Pigmented Skin Patches, or Unsightly Birthmarks

    Avoiding the Hype About New Laser Devices

    When you feel ready to add a laser machine to your practice, the temptation might be to try to somehow find a way to buy the latest and supposedly greatest device. However, brand new machines cost a lot of money, and it’s money that every business owner doesn’t always have on hand.

    Aside from the fact that you might not have the money for a new device, you also should know that new machines aren’t always any better than older models. Remember that laser devices need FDA approval in order to enter the market. Many companies don’t want to constantly reapply for approval on new devices. So, they might produce identical or close to identical machines for several years. That can work to your advantage because you can buy used medical laser at a lower cost and get the same results that a newer device would give you.

    Always be an Informed and Skeptical Shopper

    Regardless of whether you buy a new or used device, one final thing to remember is to shop with a degree of skepticism, especially if you are making an online purchase. Never just assume that the website you are viewing belongs to a company with a good reputation. Take the time to verify that reputation and ask questions before you buy a machine from them. That’s the best way to protect yourself and your business investment.

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