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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    The Value of Buying Used Medical Lasers

    Benefits of Purchasing Used Medical Lasers

    Used medical lasers are quite popular online lately. More and more business owners who want to offer cosmetic services are also wanting to cut a few corners and save some money by buying used aesthetic laser devices. But just what are the benefits of purchasing used medical lasers really?

    Used Medical Lasers Can Expand Procedures You Can Offer to Clients

    One of the best things to know about used medical lasers is that they can really expand the number of procedures your clients can choose from when they come to you. Depending on the type on medical laser device or devices you get, you could offer wrinkle removal, scar treatments, tattoo removal, hair removal, or general skin rejuvenation treatments. So, they are certainly well worth the investment.

    New Lasers Cost More Initially

    The next thing you need to know is that, even though they are worth the initial investment, new cosmetic lasers may not be. There is a huge difference between purchasing new and used equipment, especially when it comes to the costs of each. A brand new medical laser can cost in the six-figure range of $100,000 plus. By purchasing a used cosmetic laser instead, you may be able to save at least half of that initial investment and put it toward other things, such as the purchase of commercial property to expand your business.

    New Lasers Don’t Pay for Themselves as Quickly

    Another thing you have to consider is the return on investment (ROI), otherwise known as how quickly the laser devices will pay for themselves. If you spend $100,000 on a new cosmetic laser device, it will take a certain amount of procedures and time to regain that money and then start actually profiting from the device. If, on the other hand, you purchase used medical lasers, you could greatly reduce the time it takes before you gain your investment back, since your initial investment will be smaller.

    New Lasers May Not Be As Easy to Service

    Another problem, as strange as it may sound, is that new lasers may not be as easy to service. A brand new model may not have third party repair support yet, which would limit you to only having the manufacturer themselves repair it when it needs any sort of maintenance. That would be fine, except most manufacturers expect you to sign service contracts after the warranties run out, if you want to continue to use their repair services. Third party companies may not require such contracts, which means you can save money by only paying for repairs as you need them. But the catch is it may take a while for technicians from third party companies to start repairing a certain brand of cosmetic laser once it enters the market.

    The bottom line is that, as you can see, used medical lasers tend to have a lot of benefits as compared to new ones. So, if you’re a business owner who specializes in cosmetic procedures, a used laser device might be a great investment for you.

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