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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    The Unexpected Costs of Aesthetic Lasers

    Consumale Parts Can Significantly Affect The Return On Investment Of Your Aesthetic Laser

    Aesthetic lasers are complex machines- they require the use of thousands of parts. While some parts can be easily replaced by a cosmetic technician, some parts need to be repaired or replaced by a professional. Who will be able to correctly fix your machinery and equipment depends on the type of aesthetic laser machine you have and which parts need to be replaced. Although newer aesthetic lasers tend to come with consumable parts, it is ideal to purchase aesthetic lasers with little to zero consumable parts. Typically lasers that are produced from 2005-2010 have much less consumables than those that are made after 2010. These consumable parts are simply a way for manufacturers to ensure revenue and are best to avoid.

    The year 2008 marked the inception of third party medical laser service companies. As a result of taking away revenues from manufacturers by repairing and servicing the machines themselves, manufacturers fought back with consumable parts. This is referred to as the razor blade business model since razor blade companies make a majority of their profit from consumers purchasing razors as they wear out.  Purchasing parts from third parties can save you time and money. Although these parts from a third party are more affordable, sometimes you may encounter a part that can only be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer. It is important to research this prior to buying a cosmetic laser.

    Purchasing the latest and greatest equipment with consumable parts isn’t always worth the high cost. While manufacturers want to convince you that a 2015 machine is significantly more advanced than a 2008 machine, in reality there is not much of a difference in technology. Most of the cosmetic laser machine technology is the same technology that existed ten years ago. Both machines, new or old, will reliably complete the procedure, of course if used properly. Newer aesthetic laser equipment is harder to be serviced by third party companies (since they may not be fully accustomed to the new technology) and comes with the weary additional expenses of consumables.

    This is not to say “do not purchase newer models of aesthetic lasers”. If you firmly believe that the most recent machine is right for your business and budget, purchase it; however, just be mindful of the overall expenses in the long run. Many businesses go under from the unexpected costs of repairing, servicing, and replacing parts. Spending a few extra minutes researching the industry and gaining knowledge of the equipment will allow you and your company to save time and money, thus becoming more profitable and successful in the long run. Additionally, renting the latest model for a short period of time may be beneficial in determining if the machine works better or the same than your current machine. Consult with your accountant or financial advisor to see if renting or leasing a new machine fits in your budget. Finding the perfect machine for your business and clients still remains the end goal!

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