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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Should You Buy Used Medical Lasers For Your Medical Practice

    Good Reasons to Purchase Pre-Owned Medical Lasers for Your Cosmetics Practice

    If you have a cosmetic practice or medical practice that includes cosmetic procedures, adding medical lasers to it can be a wonderful thing. It can help your clients, while also helping you to earn higher profits. That’s a win-win situation. However, the interesting question that is faced by many cosmetic practice owners is whether or not pre-owned medical lasers are worth the investment. Let’s look at some good reasons why they are.

    The Addition of Elective Procedures Doesn’t Usually Involve Insurance Paperwork

    First of all, regardless of whether you buy new or used medical lasers, it’s important to note that you will be adding revenue to your practice while still minimizing problematic insurance paperwork. You see, most laser procedures, if not all, are elective. Since the majority of insurance companies don’t cover elective procedures, your staff won’t have to worry about insurance paperwork as much, and neither will your clients. Also, you will be able to collect money directly from your clients for each procedure at the time that it is performed, making your income more reliable. That being said, there are some specific reason to purchase pre-owned cosmetic lasers specifically.

    They Can Save You A Lot of Initial Capital Investment

    A single brand new cosmetic laser can be quite costly. Many of them cost more than $100,000 apiece. Even if you only want to purchase one, that’s a lot of capital to invest in a single medical laser device. Now, imagine if you wanted to expand your business by purchasing more than one aesthetic laser device. The costs would definitely add up!

    Pre-owned cosmetic lasers might only cost $50,000 each. Some could even be cheaper than that, but even if you find a model you like that costs $75,000, you’ll still be saving a lot of money. That makes purchasing used laser devices the perfect solution, especially if your business is low on capital.

    They Pay for Themselves Faster Than New Laser Devices

    As you have probably figured out by the initial investment costs, pre-owned cosmetic lasers also pay for themselves faster than new laser devices. If you purchase a brand new laser, you might not start actually earning a profit for a long time because you have to recover your investment, first. Pre-owned laser devices can cut that time in half.

    Pre-Owned Lasers Have a Certain Familiarity

    Another big difference between brand new lasers and used models is that used models are somewhat familiar. In other words, brands that have existed for a while have already built up good reputations. Brand new laser device might seem like a cutting edge machine, but it won’t have a clearly established reputation for excellence.

    Another great thing is that third party repair companies are more familiar with the workings of used lasers than ones that are brand new to the market. So, a pre-owned medical laser device might be easier to repair, when necessary. Brand new devices may only be serviceable by the original manufacturers.

    So, when it comes to buying pre-owned cosmetic lasers, the benefits can certainly outweigh the drawbacks. But what choice you make all depends on what you feel would be best for your company and your clients.

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