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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Should You Buy a New or Used Cosmetic Laser?

    Is it Better to Buy New or Used Cosmetic Lasers?

    The field of cosmetic surgery, especially with regard to cosmetic laser devices, has vastly grown since the 1990s. These days it seems like there are dozens of types of medical lasers to pick from, but one thing is certain. No matter which type you choose it is sure to increase your business. So, there’s no reason not to invest in one. The only question to ask yourself is should you be buying new or used cosmetic lasers?

    Before you decide on whether to spend money on a new medical laser device or pick a used one instead, you should understand a bit about why people like cosmetic laser procedures in the first place. The first reason is that they are much more convenient than they used to be, since many of them can often be done in comfortable spa settings and without the need for surgery or anesthesia.

    Another thing you should understand is that a lot of people are obsessed with how they look. So, things like wrinkle removal, treating skin discolorations, unwanted hair removal, and tattoo removal are at the top of their list of things to focus on. By offering some of those procedures to your clients, you will enticing entirely new groups of people through the door.

    Choose Which Procedures You Offer Wisely

    Of course, you have to choose which procedures you offer wisely. Make sure that the laser device you invest in, whether it is new or used, is suited to the procedures your main clients will want. One way to do that is to simply ask your customers to fill out a quick questionnaire about the types of medical laser treatments they would like to see you offer. You can get a lot of great ideas that way that will point you in the direction of the right aesthetic laser device.

    Comparing New Versus Used

    Once you know the type of aesthetic laser you want, you can start to answer the question of whether it’s better to be buying new or used cosmetic lasers. Generally speaking, used laser devices will be a lot less expensive than brand new models. So, that’s certainly a huge factor.

    Another factor to consider is the warranties and repair plans that come with either used or new medical lasers. For example, a brand new laser device might have up to a 2-year warranty, but it also may be only repairable by the original manufacturer once that warranty ends. On the other hand, there are third party companies that repair many types of used aesthetic laser devices after the warranties have expired, and their services can be a lot more economical than the services offered by the manufacturer. However, the warranties that come with used devices to begin with may only last for a few months.

    There are many other factors to consider when you buy new or used cosmetic lasers as well. For example, you have to think about the potential tax breaks you might get, as well as your ability to find a reputable retailer who sells either the new or used equipment that you want. So, be sure to take your time and think about all the variables before proceeding with your purchase.

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