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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Sensible Steps To Purchasing Previously Used Aesthetic Lasers

    Choosing to invest in something as expensive as an aesthetic laser can be a scary step for a small business. It means putting a lot of money on one item and hoping it will create enough revenue to make up for the expense. The decision can be the success or failure of your business. Purchasing a pre-owned laser can be the best option for your company by following a few sensible steps.

    Start By Selecting A Laser Treatment

    Before you begin the search for a medical laser, you have to figure out what service you want to provide to your customers. Simply looking for the cheapest laser on the market will make a poor selection if it doesn’t provide the right service for your customers. Once you know the service you want to provide, you can narrow down which models to look for.

    Deciding To Hire Or Train Your Technicians

    Before you can use laser equipment, you have to employ someone who is certified in the use of that device. You certainly can send technicians to an appropriate school for training, but you will need to pay for that in advance of offering the cosmetic service to your clients. Another option is to hire someone already trained in the use of laser devices. You would likely need to hire someone anyways to handle the added service.

    Plan For Future Repairs

    Sooner or later, laser equipment will malfunction. It is inevitable. Research the local repair shops to see what models they specialize in and verify they have ready access to the replacement parts for those models. There is little point in purchasing a model that they cannot repair or for which the replacement parts are difficult or impossible to come by. The only other option is to try shipping it to the manufacturer for repairs. They may not be willing to repair your model and even if they are, your laser will be out of commission for many weeks, leaving you with unhappy clients. Learn More.

    Choose A Laser Model That Is Still Young

    Laser equipment that is a decade old is probably not something you want to purchase. Previously owned equipment that is a year or two old is fine as it is still relatively new. Older models are not just difficult to find replacement parts for, but may be obsolete as well. Newer models are often more advanced with improvements that decrease side effects and risks from treatment.

    Find A Reputable Resaler

    Selecting a resaler is also part of the process. Someone who tries to fast talk you into a specific model of their choosing is someone to avoid. You also need to avoid resalers who cannot answer your questions or are evasive about the product. A reputable dealer is extremely knowledgeable about their product and more than willing to show you their line of product.

    Do Your Homework

    Do take the time to research the product before making a purchase. Taking an extra day or two to research the cosmetic laser you are interested will save you a great deal of trouble in the future. By researching it, you can verify that it is a popular model, if it has a history of being a problem, or any known issues it might have.

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