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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Repairing IPL and Medical Laser Machines

    Before purchasing an IPL or professional laser device, you need to learn about repairing them. You don’t want to be stuck hefty repair bills simply because you didn’t have all the facts first. Knowing where to go and what expenses you are up against will help protect you from being ripped off by a disreputable business.

    Authorized Medical Laser Repair Specialists

    Repairing a medical laser machine or IPL requires special training. You certainly don’t want someone who hasn’t been trained to try fixing such expensive medical equipment. In the past, that meant shipping it back to the factory for all repairs. These days, you have other options available to you.

    Independent repair centers are a less expensive option for your equipment repairs. Where manufacturers generally require expensive contracts to retain their services, a third-party repair service usually does not. Since these independent shops are usually local, you can have the repairs done in a fairly short time.

    Selecting Laser Equipment to Match the Local Repair Service

    Instead of buying an IPL, then looking for a repair service, try the opposite. Find a reputable repair center locally, then purchase a laser device that they have specialized in. This way, you can be certain they will be able to handle the repairs of your machine. Even more important is that they should have access to the replacement parts for your model since they specialize in that model.

    Look online at some of the local repair centers and note the reviews. Ask around to see what companies other cosmetic practices are using. Don’t just grab the first repair shop you run across as they may not be reputable or even trained properly to fix your equipment. Waiting to have the device repaired interrupts the flow of profit in your business. Learn More.

    Laser Devices Aren’t Made to Last

    When a factory builds an item, they seldom do so with the intent of the product lasting a lifetime. Normally, they use parts that will break over time so you have to return to them for replacement parts or new models. This is an market scheme to make sure they stay in business. What does this mean to you? It means you can be certain your machine will sooner or later need repairs.

    Before you purchase a laser machine, look into your local repair shops. Find a reputable dealer and find out what models they service. Choose a laser device they normally handle so you can be sure they service it and it will be working again quickly. Don’t make the mistake of buying the machine before you follow these steps as you may find yourself not only paying for expensive repairs and fees, but paying for extended repair time.

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