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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Refurbished and New Aesthetic Lasers Comparison

    In the skin care industry, cosmetic practices are flourishing. Clients come in looking for a wide selection of services to care for all their needs. Most of them don’t want invasive surgery, especially if their skin care issue isn’t that severe. What they want is effective results in a comfortable setting with minimal recovery. In order to keep up with demand, you need to provide as many of those services as possible. Purchasing a brand new Aesthetic laser device would be great, but is it the best choice for your practice? Let’s look at reasons why a used laser machine would be the better option.

    Price Comparisons

    The most titillating reason for choosing a second-hand laser is the price. It costs only a fraction of the price for used as compared to new equipment. The price can be anywhere from 10% to 90% off the original price, depending on the age and condition of the laser as well as demand for that particular model. With the right savings, you may even afford two different lasers.

    There are plenty of models available for you to select from. Check showrooms where you can visit and see firsthand what you are buying if you can. If purchasing online, just make certain to verify they are a legitimate business. Don’t forget also to check local repair shops as they may have models on sale. This is a great way to do price comparisons to get the best bargain.

    Financing Translates to Long-term Debt

    For most clinics, purchasing a brand new aesthetic laser machine means acquiring a loan and being in debt for a long while in the future. These devices typically cost around $100,000 to $200,000 new. Being tied up in financing can also restrict any future loans you may need. What happens if the economy declines and you lose clientele shortly after your purchase? You are then stuck with a debt that harms your credit. That may cost you far more in the end.

    No Compromise With Refurbished Lasers

    Buying a second-hand or refurbished laser doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. These devices go through strict testing to make certain they working at the correct standards, so you won’t be stuck with junk that fails right after purchasing it. This is actually better than new as fresh from the factory devices are not tested before you get them. You can be sure that the used model you purchase will not malfunction and require repairs for a long period of time.

    What About the Warranty?

    It’s a legitimate question. New machines come with a one or two year warranty and when they expire, they can often be extended. The problem with warranties is that first, they require that the malfunctioning device be shipped direct to the manufacturer for the repair. In the meanwhile, your practice isn’t able to offer that service, resulting in dissatisfied clients. Also, extended warranties come with an expensive service contract. Local repair shops can do the job faster and for less costs. Besides, is it worth spending an extra $50,000 or more to buy a new machine just to get a warranty?

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