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Aesthetic Laser Technology

If you are into skin care and hair removal, you most likely know about IPL and laser hair removal as they have existed for over two decades. Originally, you had to go to a spa or a licensed practice to have these services performed. Later on, laser hair removal equipment became available to individuals, allowing them to use them in total privacy in their own abode. One has to ask, do the cheaper machines perform as good as the professional ones do?

Laser Hair Removal Instruments at a Licensed Practice

Laser hair removal machines are designed to target hair follicles, aiming a certain wavelength of light at the follicle, which then heats and destroys it. This particular treatment has to be repeated several times before it manages to completely stop the hair from growing back again.

Using Hair Removal Machines at Home

Being able to use your own equipment in your own residence sounds like a good idea. You can use the laser hair remover at any time that is convenient to you. It would certainly save you a lot of money, which is a benefit for most people. You have to wonder, though, if it works as expediently as professional equipment.

The answer is no. While the home version of hair removal lasers does function similarly, it in no way lasts as long or as efficiently as those in professional practices. The home version of the machines aren’t much better than using a regular razor, as they simply are not as efficient at destroying the hair follicles. The hair grows back sooner than what you get with professional equipment.

Another Way to Fix the Issue

In order to obtain a professional version of laser hair removal equipment, you must have a license. However, not all states in the U.S. require that you be in the medical field or have a medical degree. Depending on the laws where you live, it is possible then for you to buy a professional laser. This way, you can get the same results of hair removal at home.

No Substitute for a Trained Technician

Keep in mind that treatments at home are no replacement for going to a trained professional. Regardless of what laser equipment you have, the ensuing results are not the same. A trained technician is not just proficient with what they are doing, they also give extra care to their clients. Compare it to going to a spa for facial treatments rather than doing one at home – the results vary tremendously.

Laser hair removal equipment differs from one professional practice to another, meaning there will likely be varying treatments. Some of these businesses may have the right machine to give you the specific results you are looking for while others will not, so don’t make an appointment at any random clinic. You would be better off checking out numerous practices until you find the services that are right for you.