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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Purchasing Used Aesthetic Lasers Is Vital For Your Spa Business

    Buying Used Aesthetic Lasers Will Significantly Help Your Business

    If you own a spa business, or one that is devoted to providing cosmetic services, you could choose to offer a lot of different types of skincare treatments. However, if laser treatments are not part of those services that you offer, you will really be missing out on a large source of income.

    Nevertheless, it’s surprising how many cosmetic services business owners don’t purchase laser machines, at least not right away. Most of them think that aesthetic lasers are way out of their price range, which is the biggest reason that they don’t choose to invest in the devices. That’s unfortunate, since there are plenty of less expensive ways to take advantage of these devices and turn a bigger profit for your business. The most obvious way is to buy a used machine instead of one that has just been manufactured.

    Exactly How Big of a Cost Difference is There Between New and Used?

    The exact cost difference between new and used lasers all depends on the laser that you buy. Prices vary based on the age of the device, the type of cosmetic procedures it performs, and the policies of the company that is selling it. So, it’s hard to say exactly what you will save by buying a used device. However, it’s not unreasonable to expect to spend about 50% less money on a used device than you would on a new one, with new ones generally costing more than $100,000. So, it’s easy to see why purchasing a used device can be such a huge financial benefit.

    Of course, you also need to weight the cost of the machine against the profit you can make from it. There too, used laser equipment almost always win out. If you were to spend $100,000 on a new machine, it could take quite a while for it to pay for itself. A used machine might take half the time to become totally paid off and turn profitable.

    Used Devices Really Are Just as Good as New Ones

    Aside from the fact that some business owners just don’t realize that there is a lot of used medical equipment available, there are also the owners who don’t trust the capabilities of used devices. In the case of aesthetic lasers, you should know that the used machines can perform just as well as the new ones, even if they are a few years old. Also, reputable companies who resell used machines might offer you a 3 or even 6-month guarantee to further ease your mind.

    Finding the Right Used Device Vendor

    Locating the right vendor of used medical equipment that has the exact laser you want might seem like a daunting task, but it’s not as hard as you might think. All you have to do is decide what types of procedures you want to offer (wrinkle removal, hair removal etc.) and then focus on vendors that offer devices specifically designed to perform those procedures. Just remember to be wary of scams. Always ask questions and verify details. Once you feel comfortable with a particular vendor you can buy the device you want. Then your business is sure to start improving dramatically.

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