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Aesthetic Laser Technology

Considering Your Budget When Purchasing Aesthetic Laser Equipment

If you have a medical practice or spa that includes skin treatments, aesthetic laser equipment is an absolute must. However, the question is how should you go about acquiring that medical laser equipment? To answer that, you have to first determine what your business model is.

How Long Has Your Practice Been in Business?

Is your spa or cosmetic treatment business brand new, or do you have a bit of capital saved up? The length of time that you have been in business and the accumulated capital you have will definitely have an impact on whether you choose to buy used or new aesthetic laser machines.

Who Are Your Clients?

Another question you need to ask yourself before you purchase any sort of cosmetic lasers is who are your clients? Are they the type of people that only want basic skin treatments, or would they be likely to want the latest and greatest technologies and procedures. Be sure that the laser skin treatment machines you purchase will actually suit your clients and their wishes.

Cosmetic Laser Machine Evolution:

You also should think about the evolution of aesthetic lasers. There is a huge gap in the technology between the 1990s machines and the early 2000s machines. However, most machines manufactured between 2003 or 2004 and now are pretty similar to one another. So, if you’re not set on having the latest and greatest machine, you can get about the same benefits from a model that is a few years old, but without having to pay anywhere near as much money.

How Much You Can Save:

When you purchase used laser equipment instead of new equipment, you can often get it for as little as a quarter of the price of new equipment. That 75% savings can definitely be helpful, especially if you don’t have a lot of capital saved. In fact it could be a difference of $100,000 or more. Read More.

Consider Your Financing Options:

Of course, even if you don’t have a lot of capital to invest, you may have financing options. If you have a good credit rating, you could potentially get a low-interest loan. You can use that money to purchase your laser equipments and recover the costs quickly when your clients choose to have you perform procedures for them with that new equipment.

Both Options May Offer Tax Breaks:

It’s also worth considering the fact that government incentives and tax breaks can give you money back on used or new cosmetic laser machine purchases. However, the exact tax breaks do vary each year. Nevertheless, you should factor that in, since you are likely to get part of your purchase price back as a refund.

Research the Companies Carefully:

Finally, it’s absolutely vital that you research cosmetic laser companies before buying new or used aesthetic laser equipment from them. Don’t just look for a company with low prices. Make sure that they also have a great reputation, and see if they offer warranties, service contracts, or any sort of technical support. If not, you may need to make sure that there’s a third party company somewhere near you who can repair the lasers if or when they need to be serviced.