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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Purchasing Aesthetic Laser Devices

    If you are a trained cosmetic technician, this is the best time ever for buying a medical laser device. For many years now, customers have been looking for options other than going to the hospitals or having surgery to treat their cosmetic needs. They prefer to receive aesthetic services in a less stressful environment. Those with the required medical training should use this opportunity to get into the industry and offer their services.

    Obtaining Aesthetic Lasers in a Fresh Practice

    When you’re just starting your practice, it may seem that laser devices are too expensive to obtain. That isn’t true. To build your new clientele, medical lasers are a wonderful asset. It opens up a variety of treatments for you to offer. If you don’t have a lot of working capital, you might consider purchasing used equipment. There are both advantages and disadvantages to going this route. Let’s take a look at them.

    Advantages to Buying Used

    A huge advantage to purchasing a used laser device is indisputably the decreased cost. The purchase of a brand new medical laser can be in excess of $100,000. That sum is a massive investment for a starting business and most new companies don’t have nearly enough money to make such a costly expenditure.

    Another advantage to selecting a used laser device, providing you make certain to purchase from a trustworthy source, is that the equipment should be in first-rate condition. The rules governing resale of used laser equipment requires strict testing. That means you don’t need to fear your laser device breaking down right away. Learn More.

    Disadvantages to Buying Used

    While many of the companies selling used laser equipment are reputable, you need to keep an eye out for the fraudulent ones, especially on the internet. Verify the online seller is a valid dealer you can count on. Check their history so you know they are genuine before handing over your money. Don’t fall for a scam.

    Generally, pre-owned medical equipment won’t have any written guarantees on it, which can be a definite disadvantage. On the other hand, with the amount of money you save by purchasing it used, even periodic repairs might still be less expensive than with a new machine. That would depend on whether or not you can locate a laser repair shop in your area that specializes in your brand of machine.

    A final disadvantage to acquiring a previously used laser device is that you cannot try it out before the purchase. You really need to do your homework to review the reputation of the device and the dealer, plus make sure the local repair shop handles your machine and is honest, before you make a final decision. If you do all of the above, you might just find that buying pre-owned medical machines best meet your business needs without bankrupting you.

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