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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Pros Of Buying Pre-owned Laser Equipment

    As successful spas and clinics already know, including cosmetic laser procedures is extremely beneficial to revenue. Cosmetic lasers provide the procedures customers are looking for and produce far greater results than a facial can. For several decades now, cosmetic practices have been using lasers to make their customers happy. So how do they afford them, especially in a new business? Take a look at the benefits of purchasing previously owned laser machines.

    Pre-owned Is Affordable

    If you haven’t already researched the costs of new laser equipment, the price may come as a shock. New machines cost anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 and up, the average price being around $120,000. That is a major investment, especially in a fledgling business. While brand new equipment is nice to have, investing in it can leave your finances in jeopardy. You have to leave funds available for emergency situations in your business. If you do not have the money to pay for the machine in its entirety, it will mean having to take out a loan.

    Purchasing a previously used machine comes at a fraction of the amount needed for new machines. By searching around, you can find prices as much as 80% off the original retail price. Just be careful to find a reputable dealer so you aren’t scammed.

    What To Look For In A Pre-owned Laser Machine

    Knowing what type of laser service you want added to your cosmetic practice is a great start. Now you need to look at certain factors to make sure the pre-owned laser is the right one to contribute toward the growth of your business. If the model is more than ten years old, it may be obsolete now. Make certain the model is still relevant. Talk to other cosmetic practices to see what laser equipment they are using, as well.

    Research Before The Purchase

    Once you see an aesthetic laser that you are interested in purchasing, take the time to research that specific model. Research information about that model, including looking at the reviews. How well did the model perform for others can tell you if it is a poor choice or a great one.

    Do not forget about checking with local repair shops to find out if they service the model you are looking at obtaining. Some shops may even be able to point you toward one that is for sale through their customers.

    Visual Verification

    Never purchase a pre-owned unit sight unseen. At the very least, a dealer can video conference with you to show you the product at different angles and answer any and all questions you have about that particular model. If they refuse to do that, walk away from the transaction. It should be taken as a red flag indicating they are not reputable.

    Better yet, if the dealer of pre-owned lasers is close enough, you can visit their showroom so you can view and touch the laser equipment. Any dealer who does not have a brick-and-mortar showroom or store, just a website, is not a good idea. While there are many good dealers out there, unfortunately there are also fraudulent ones.

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