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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Pro’s and Cons To Buying A Used Medical Laser

    Top Reasons to Purchase Pre-Owned Medical Lasers

    Medical lasers, also known as cosmetic laser devices, are being used in all sorts of medical and cosmetic practices all the time. If you own one of those practices and you don’t have at least one medical laser, you should get one. However, you might not want to get a brand new one. Here are some of the top reasons to purchase pre-owned medical lasers, instead.

    They’re Usually Just as Good as New Models

    First, you should know that pre-owned medical lasers are usually just as good as brand new cosmetic laser devices. That is, if they aren’t too old. Models from up to 5 years ago should be able to perform in much the same way as newer models. So, there’s really no reason to go for the absolute top of the line unless you really want to project a “latest and greatest” image to your clients.

    They’re Less Expensive

    Pre-owned medical lasers are also less expensive. In fact, you might be able to find a cosmetic laser for sale at 75% less than brand new laser devices. Although, 50% less is more likely. That being said, you will have to hunt around a bit to find a reputable reseller who is offering a good deal, but it could definitely be worth the effort.

    You’ll Get Your Money Back Faster

    It stands to reason that you’ll get your money back faster from pre-owned aesthetic laser devices. After all, they cost less. So, they should pay for themselves faster. Therefore, if you want to start making fast profits, buying pre-owned devices is almost definitely the way to do it.

    You’ll Know What to Expect

    If you are buying a pre-owned model that is one or more years old, you’ll also have the advantage of knowing what to expect. You can read online reviews of specific models before you buy one and gain an understanding of the pros and cons of each type. Brand new cosmetic lasers may not have been on the market long enough for there to be a sufficient amount of unbiased product reviews available.

    They Might Be Easier to Repair

    There are two reasons why pre-owned laser devices might be easier to repair. The first is that, the newer the model, the more consumable parts it is likely to have. Older models were constructed not to need as many replacement parts as most newer models. The second is that third-party repair companies will have had time to learn how to repair a model that has been out for a while. Whereas you might only be able to get the manufacturer themselves to repair a brand new cosmetic laser device.

    When you take all of those things into account, it’s very easy to see why it’s almost always a good idea to purchase pre-owned medical lasers. Although, there may be some situations where a brand new device would be better. A good general rule of thumb is to do some research and decide what would work best for your budget, your clients, and your business plan.

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