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    Viora Pristine

    Viora Pristine – Diamond Coated Tip for Microdermabrasion

    A comprehensive medical aesthetic solution. The Pristine treats wide variety of skin conditions this includes – including aging, sun exposure, acne, scars tissue and stretch marks. After one treatment with the Pristine you will see and feel the difference on your skin. We offer a free demo in our New York City showroom so you can feel the difference the diamond coated tip makes on the results.


    Pristine Offers the Largest Tip Selection on the Market

    Pristine is an all in one device for your practice’s microdermabrasion needs. The device offers 13 various size and strength tips which allows you to deliver the best exfoliation, accuracy, effectiveness and usability.

    The Pristine Experience

    Pristine microdermabrasion devices offers a fully customizable high quality esthetic treatment that your clients will love. We would love you to come demo a treatment on yourself in our showroom in NYC.

    The Diamond Advantage

    Viora utilizes diamond tip technology which is far superior over the conventional crystal based microdermabrasion systems. Diamonds are a girls best friend and the best way to deliver amazing results!

    The laser cut diamond tips offer a totally new approach to microdermabrasion treatments.

    Other advantages to the Pristine:

    • Safe treatments
    • Hygienic and sanitary
    • No clogging
    • Vast treatment options
    • Minimum consumables
    • No risk of damaging sensitive areas

    Features & Benefits

    • The world’s most extensive treatment selection. 13 diamond tips varying in size, shape & coarseness grades, customized for various skin types and symptoms.
    • High quality, reliable device. Manufactured at the highest industry standards.
    • Silent operation. Comfortable, relaxing treatments.
    • Industry-leading vacuum strength.  Most powerful motor on the market.
    • Treatment accuracy. Custom tips designed for hard-to-reach areas.
    • Treatment possibilities. Diamond tips treat areas where crystal-based devices cannot.
    • User friendly. Quick set-up and easy operation.
    • Safe treatments. Risk-free treatments for patient and practitioners.
    • Visible results. Improved skin texture and complexion from the very first treatment.

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