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    Syneron VelaShape

    Syneron Velashape brings together three different technology including:

    • IR (infrared)
    • Bi-Polar RF (radio-frequency)
    • Vacuum
    • Mechanical tissue manipulation – using pulsed vacuum and massage rollers

    The combination of the IR and vacuum together with RF technologies produces deep heating cellulite. This in turn creates an increase in collagen which reduces the skin laxity and volume. We highly recommend you hydrate prior to preforming treatments on your patients. This will enhance the results.


    Used Syneron Velashape For Sale – Refurbished

    Used Syneron Velashape 

    NY Laser Outlet offers a fully refurbished used Syneron Velashape for sale and for rent. Prior to being offered for sale, the Velashape has undergone a full overall back to the manufacturer’s calibration and specifications to ensure reliability.  Buying a preowned Velashape from New York Laser Outlet is much different than buying on Ebay, where you don’t know the seller and can’t test out the machine, or even do a face-time call to ensure it is in proper working order. We highly recommend clients come visit our showroom in New York City prior to buying a used aesthetic laser, IPL or RF equipment.

    The VelaShape system is approved by the FDA for the treatment of cellulite. The optimal areas of the body to reduce cellulite with the machine is in the buttocks, thighs, belly and love handles. The Velashape is excellent for clients looking to reduce cellulite without surgery. It is one of the most effective non evasive body contouring system available today. The treatments are fast, pain-free and with no downtime after the procedure.

    For our clients in the Tri-state area, we also offer cosmetic laser rentals. Call us today to rent the Syneron Vela Shape.

    Syneron VelaShape Applications

    • Cellulite treatment
    • Circumferential reduction

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