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    Syneron MxIR (Matrix IR)- Handpiece Repair – Refurbishement

    Fixing your Syneron MxIR (Matrix IR) handpiece is an easy 3 step process:

    1. We will send you a label to ship us your handpiece – you simply package and affix the label to your package
    2. We will send you pictures and a video of the refurbished Syneron MxIR handpiece
    3. NY Laser Outlet FEDEX’s a refurbished Syneron MxIR to you


    Syneron MxIR (Matrix IR)- Handpiece Rebuild – Refurbishement

    Repair and Rebuild Syneron MxIR Hand Piece

    NY Laser Outlet fully refurbishes and repairs the Syneron MxIR hand piece. We fix all the error codes and ensure the MxIR hand piece is working optimally to ensure the best results for your patients and your business.

    This hand piece utilizes the revolutionary ELOS technology of Syneron. This handpiece is designed for Laser skin tightening and toning which yields amazing results to the patient. This unit is compatible with the following properly configured Syneron Devices:

    • eLaser
    • eMax

    The Syneron MxIR (Matrix IR) hand piece refurbishment process includes:

    • Testing the energy
    • Fixing the Error Codes

    NY Laser Outlet repairs, refurbishes and rebuilds all Syneron hand pieces. We work with clients domestically and internationally. Call us today to see how we can help your business with all your Syneron needs. We have all Syneron hand pieces in stock if you are looking to increase the services you offer.

    Call us today to see how we can help you and your business grow.

    Toll Free: +1-800-887-1966

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