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    Cynosure Elite MPX

    The used Cynosure Elite MPX laser for sale is a device which offers treatments for hair removal, varicose veins and brown spots. The treatments are done in combination with a zimmer cooler which protects the skin during the treatment.

    Cynosure Elite MPX Laser Features:

    • Laser type: Alexandrite laser, Nd:YAG laser
    • Maximum repetition rate: 1.5 Hz, 10 Hz
    • Cooling system: Cold air
    • Spot size options: 1.5 mm up to 18 mm
    • Aiming beam: Red
    • Wavelength: 755 nm, 1064 nm
    • Dimensions: 46” x 23” x 33.5” •
    • Weight: 298 lbs.
    • Electrical requirements: 230 VAC/30A

    The Alexandrite laser is used for hair removal. The Neodymium YAG laser is for vein treatments and the IPL is for brown spots.


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    Used Cynosure Elite MPX For Sale – Refurbished

    Cynosure Elite MPX

    This Cynosure Elite MPX for sale is a dual wavelength cosmetic laser machine. A significant benefit of having the dual wavelength is the ability to offer numerous procedures for hair removal. Depending on your practice you may have patients with only one spectrum of skin type, while others will have patients with skin types across the spectrum. The Cynosure Elite MPX will allow you to provide procedures to people with light, tan and dark skin. The Cynosure Elite MPX is one of the most in-demand hair removal machines on the market today. In addition to hair removal it provides many other treatments.

    Treatments offered by Cynosure Elite MPX:

    • Hair Removal (dual wavelength)
    • Leg Veins
    • Facial veins
    • Pigmented lesions
    • Rosacea
    • Sun-damaged skin

    The two wavelengths offered by the Cynosure Elite MPX are the 755nm Alexandrite laser and a 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser. The wavelengths can be sequentially emitted for faster and more effective results when compared to a system that offers just one wavelength.

    New York Laser Outlet offers fully refurbished aesthetic lasers for sale, rent and repair at a fraction of the cost the manufacturers charge. All our preowned cosmetic lasers have undergone full inspection and calibration by our highly trained technicians. Our mission as a company is to provide doctors and medical spa owners the ability to be profitable.

    Currently, the system is set up that the manufacturers charge a significant amount of money for new machines and then require a service contract for maintenance. This significantly reduces the return on investment (ROI) the business owner is able to achieve. Our clients enjoy the ability to buy refurbished cosmetic laser equipment and have ongoing maintenance and repair of the cosmetic lasers at a fraction of the cost. This allows them to grow their business quickly and open new locations. Further purchasing more cosmetic equipment from us. When you succeed, we succeed.

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