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    Palomar LUX Handpiece Refurbishment R, Rs, Y, Ys, G, V

    Refurbish your Palomar hand pieces for both your Palomar StarLux 300 & 500. This repair package for the R, Rs, Y, Ys, G and V hand pieces includes;

    1. New Flash Lamp
    2. Reset Shot Count
    3. Polishing the Crystal
    4. Calibrating the Energy emitted (ensures optimal results)

    The process for repairing your Palomar LUX handpiece  is very simple:

    1. We will email you a shipping label- Simply ship us your Palomar hand piece for refurbishment.
    2. We will call you once it arrives and send you photos of the inside of the hand piece to explain exactly what was wrong and what needs to be done.
    3. Generally within 4 days the hand piece will ship back to you. We send you photos of the package and tracking number to know when to expect it and start booking your appointments


    Palomar Starlux LUX – R, Rs, Y, Ys, G and V Handpiece Repair, Rebuild & Refurbishment

    Repair & Rebuild Your Palomar Starlux Hand Piece 

    Palomar StarLux 300 & 500 hand pieces require upkeep in order for them to deliver you clients the results you have come to expect from Palomar cosmetic machines. After 100,000 shots you will need to have the handpiece refurbished and shot count reset.

    Additionally, Palomar Starlux 300 & 500 hand pieces can giver error codes such as error code:

    • 7
    • 23
    • 24
    • 46
    • 53
    • 54
    • 68

    These error codes are issues that may be stemming from your hand piece. They generally pop up on the screen when you have a busy day ahead of you filled with patients who need treatments.

    NY Laser Outlet can help you in trouble shooting these error codes or repair the hand piece so that everything will work smoothly. We specialize in helping solve these problems at a fraction of the cost the manufacturer charges – allowing increased profitability and return on investment (ROI) for your business.

    We can work to get it back to you within 4 days if it is critical to your business. Please let us know this in advance so we can coordinate properly. Our goal is to get you up and running ASAP.

    We repair and refurbish Palomar hand pieces and cosmetic equipment for clients all across the globe.

    We warranty all our work to ensure your satisfaction. Please contact us with questions.

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