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    Cynosure Sapphire Calport Window Apogee Elite/Elite+

    NY Laser Outlet provides brand new replacement Cynosure Sapphire Calport Window. Each order contains one window.

    Sapphire windows are made and double coated with special material to allow for rapid skin cooling to maintain patient comfort and reduce treatment time. It is important to buy high quality windows for your machine so the optic can glide smoothly over the skin and provide optimal results.

    This Sapphire Calport Window will fit the following Cynosure machines:

    • Apogee Elite
    • Elite+
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    Cynosure Sapphire Calport Window 23.75*1 1064/755

    Buy brand new replacement Cynosure Sapphire Calport Window for the Cynosure Apogee Elite and Elite+. Each order contains 1 high quality sapphire calport window made in the USA.

    The Cynosure Apogee Elite/Elite+ cosmetic laser machine utilizes a detector, also known as the Calport. The Calport is located before the fiberoptic and hand unit, and also after which adjusts the power when the laser is shot. The Calport window absorbs energy and any potential damage which protects the Calport from being burned during the treatment. It is important to keep your aesthetic machine’s Calport window in great condition and replace the window when it is burned or has any scratches. Not doing so can put your machine’s calport at risk which is a very expensive repair. This Calport window should be installed be a trained laser technician. NY Laser Outlet can also perform this service for you. If you have any questions about replacing your Cynosure machine’s Calport window, please feel free to contact us.

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