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    Cynosure Flash Lamps- Apogee Elite- 9MM ELNL

    Brand new flash lamp for the Cynosure Apogee Elite  ELMD available for sale. This is a high quality flash lamp which is OEM and of the highest quality. There are two flashlamps in each Cynosure aesthetic device, we recommend replacing both at the same time. The flash lamp is a very important piece of the device. The energy from the power supply is fired through the flashlamp to deliver energy to the laser head, rod, optics and ultimately through the hand piece. If the flash lamp is not strong, the quality of the treatments will be negatively effected.

    Too much pressure or a leak in the laser head can cause the flash lamp to stop working. Please ensure that no dust gets into the device and specifically these parts. A small amount of dust can cause a very large issue. Dust can cause the laser head rod to burn which will ruin the flash lamp, flow tube and many other parts. If there is a significant drop in the power emitted from the Cynosure Apogee Elite, it means the laser may no longer be effective and needs repair. If you are not certain to which component is in need of the repair or replacement, please call us to schedule a free diagnostic.

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    Cynosure Apogee Elite 9MM Flash Lamps

    Cynosure 9mm Flash Lamps For Sale

    This is a brand new Cynosure Apogee Elite Flash Lamp. Made in the USA for Cynosure Apogee Elite.

    This Flash Lamp is for the ELNL models. The size is 9mm. We have 8MM available as well. If you do not know if your Apogee is ELMD, please call or email NY Laser Outlet and we are happy to assist you.


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