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    Cutera DI Filter

    This DI Water Filter will fit the following Cutera machines:

    1. XEO
    2. Vantage
    3. Excel
    4. CV

    This order contains 1 high quality Cutera De-ionization cartridge water filter.

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    Cutera DI Filter For Sale

    DI-Filter For Cutera Lasers

    Clients often ask us – what is a Cutera DI filter and why do I need to replace it?

    The Cutera Water DI filter acts as a purifier for the water running through your Cutera laser machine. Bacteria can grow anywhere, this includes your aesthetic laser machine. The DI filter has all the water flowing through the Cutera, clear through the DI filter. At this point it takes out any impurities in the water such as bacteria, and allows the purified water to continue flowing through your machine.

    If you did not have a DI filter in your Cutera – or Cutera built the laser without a DI filter, the dirt in the machine would continuously flow through the machine. The particles would bang into other parts of the Cutera equipment. With extended use, these parts would become damaged or break.

    By having a clean Cutera DI filter and constantly switching the filter, you ensure that no particles are being missed by the filter and causing damage in other parts you your medical laser devise. This is no different than a pool filter.

    We offer high quality filters for your Cutera laser. Our filters are MADE in the USA.

    We offer other parts as well for Cutera – such as:

    • Focus Lens
    • Windows and Optics
    • Power Cord
    • Head Cavity
    • Rebuild and refurbish hand pieces
    • Flash Lamps
    • Limelight Hand Piece
    • Titan S
    • Titan V
    • Titan XL

    We have clients all over the world and this DI filter is ready to ship out today worldwide. Call us today for help with repairing your aesthetic laser equipment.


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