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    Alma Soprano Laser

    NY Laser Outlet offers fully refurbished used Alma Soprano Diode Lasers for sale to doctors and medical spa owners at a fraction of the price offered for a new one. Fully refurbished lasers allow business people to quickly return their investment (ROI). You are able to charge patients the same amount for the cosmetic procedure, but your initial investment is significantly reduced.


    Permanent hair removal on all pigmented hair and all skin types—including tanned skin.

    Similar to earlier versions of the Soprano Family, the Soprano XL is a great solution to offer more unique procedures for your cosmetic practice. Soprano treatments have redefined laser hair removal utilizing the 810-nm diode and Alma’s in-motion technology.

    Drawbacks to the ALMA Soprano:

    It is very difficult to buy additional diodes for the Alma Soprano Laser. Any diodes purchased not from Alma directly are low quality and negatively affect the machine’s performance. Unless you buy directly from Alma they will not sell you diodes. Call us to discuss this further to review options available to you prior to purchasing an Alma Soprano Diode laser on the secondary market.

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    Used Alma Soprano Diode Laser For Sale

    Alma Soprano

    The Soprano’s virtually pain-free hair removal offers:

    • 810-nm laser diode
    • Permanent hair removal- all pigmented hair types
    • Faster treatment times
    • Easy to operate

    The Alma Soprano Family is an excellent standalone hair removal system. The hair removal treatments are virtually pain free. While this is an excellent medical laser machine, it is very difficult to get diode lasers for the Alma Soprano. Any diodes you are able to get are generally low quality and will negatively affect your machine. Please ensure you understand this, reach out to us to review how we may be able to help. We have fully refurbished Alma Soprano’s in our New York showroom.

    Wavelength:: 810 nm

    Electrical: 120/230 VAC, 20/10 A, 50/60 Hz

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