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    Alma Harmony Handpiece Repair/Refurbishment

    Process to Rebuild The Alma Handpieces:

    1. We send you a shipping label for the Alma handpiece
    2. We email you photos before and after of the work done
    3. We ship the hand piece back so you can schedule client appointments

    NY Laser Outlet have helped thousands of doctors and medical spa owners save money on the refurbishment and recharging of the handpiece. TheĀ Alma hand pieces we specialize in repairing/refurbishing:

    • Harmony
    • Alma 420 HP
    • Alma 570 HP
    • Alma 650
    • Harmony XL
    • Harmony Elite
    • Soprano
    • Pixel CO2
    • Accent XL
    • Accent Elite
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    Alma Harmony Handpiece – Repair, Rebuild & Refurbishement

    Alma Handpiece Repair

    Repair your Alma Harmony handpiece to ensure the best results for your clients. Providing your patients with optimal results is what differentiates your business from the clinic down the block. We fully refurbish the hand piece of all Alma laser equipment.

    Full repair & refurbishment for Alma handpieces includes:

    • Brand New Flash lamps
    • Resetting Shot Count
    • Full Calibration
    • Polishing the crystal
    • Cleaning the cavity
    • Optical Alignment
    • Replace damaged optical filters
    • Repairing damaged wiring
    • Energy Testing

    As with all products, when you use them over and over, they becomes worn out. The cosmetic results the hand piece will generate will slowly be reduced due to the wear and tear. Depending on how busy your business is, will determine how often you should refurbish your hand piece.

    We warranty the hand piece after we complete the refurbishment.

    Turnaround time is 3-4 days.

    We do refurbish Alma hand pieces all over the world.

    Call us today to schedule a pickup.


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