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    Alma Accent XLi


    NY Laser Outlet offers this fully refurbished Alma Accent XLi for sale to doctors and medical spa owners at a fraction of the cost manufacturers charge. This preowned Alma Accent has been fully inspected and refurbished. The equipment is in excellent operating condition. We welcome you to come try out the machine in our New York City showroom prior to purchase. Below please find additional information and specifications of the unit.

    Type: Radio Frequency (RF)

    RF Power: up to 300 W (±5%)

    Electrical: 100–120 VAC, 5 A, 50/60 Hz 208–240 VAC, 2.5 A, 50 Hz


    • RF(Radio Frequency) skin tightening
    • Body contouring
    • Wrinkle reduction

    Handpieces: UniPolar, UniLarge, BiPolar

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    Alma Accent – Product Description:

    This used Alma Accent XLi cosmetic equipment brings together two unique frequency modes.  Originating from the one hand piece on the Alma Accent Xli, both BiPolar and UniPolar frequencies are emitted. The two frequencies create and deliver heat which penetrates your patient’s skin at different depths to deliver optimal skin tightening results.

    This used cosmetic laser can be utilized on all parts of the body depending on your clients needs and aesthetic desires. The use of this medical laser is applicable to all people regardless of the age or skin type of the patient.

    Key points about the treatment offered by the Alma Accent XLi is that it requires no anesthesia. Additionally and extremely importantly, the medical device does NOT require investment in consumables. This is very important as a business person as many cosmetic devices have consumables which will affect your profitability on each treatment.

    By purchasing a pre-owned and fully refurbished Alma Accent XLi, you are able to quickly return your investment after the first few treatments.

    Alma XLi Includes:

    1. UniPolar Hand Piece
    2. BiPolar Hand Piece
    3. Pixel 2940nm Hand Piece (With Tips)

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