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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Pre-Owned Medical Laser Equipment

    Refurbished Medical Laser Equipment

    With the increasing societal desires and pressures for physical perfection, the cosmetic equipment industry has experienced rapid growth and expansion- there are twice as many manufacturers of cosmetic laser equipment than a decade ago. Although new technologic advancements have been made, there has been a marginal decrease in the level of change of newer machines. Most of the central and core technology has not significantly changed since 2004.

    Measuring the cost of upfront initial capital as well as the projected level of revenue generated by client treatments can help a business remain profitable in a highly competitive industry. Because of the high margins on laser equipment as well as service contracts, manufacturers hold seller power. Although the accumulating expenses associated with aesthetic equipment can significantly hinder your return on investment, one feasible solution is to venture into the certified refurbished medical laser equipment market.

    In medaesthetic cosmetic equipment, there are four technologies used: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER), Infrared (OR), Radio Wave (RF), and Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC). From skin blemish removal to body contouring, these technologies are the building blocks of cosmetic medical treatment and have been widely used for over twenty years. From a business stance, it is always important to measure possible returns on investment. Depending on several factors, investing in preowned cosmetic lasers can become a money-saving investment. By purchasing refurbished cosmetic equipment, you can find the most cost effective way to grow your business.

    Client satisfaction is key to having a successful business. With information readily available on the Internet, patients are well informed. Medaesthetic professionals key to having a successful business. With information readily available on the internet, patients are well informed. It is important for medaesthetic professionals to know how to carefully operate cosmetic equipment as well as having the clients understand what exactly is done. Effectively communicating with patients will not only clarify what results are desired, but also which settings to operate the machine such as pulse power, pulse frequency, and duration.

    Adding cosmetic laser equipment to your practice is very simple once you are fully educated. Firstly, knowing your client base, target market, and the associated cosmetic treatments is imperative. Once you identify this, you can search as to which aesthetic equipment would best fit procedure’s needs. Then, you are able to search for used cosmetic laser equipment for purchase- just be sure to do your research on the machine, seller, and always ask to see the medical laser for sale in person or via video chat to ensure that they do in fact have the product and it is in the proper working condition. In addition, make sure to find sellers that have fully refurbished aesthetic equipment and provide some warranty on a second hand aesthetic laser. This warranty is typically thirty to ninety days.

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