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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Planning Ahead For Cosmetic Laser Repairs

    Anytime you make an investment in expensive equipment for your cosmetic practice, you need to take a look at your finances first. You plan the budget accordingly so you don’t overextend yourself. What most business owners may not think to plan for is repairs on malfunctioning equipment. When your laser machine breaks down, it may cost you more than the repair itself. It will cost you time and may also cost you clients. Keep those costs to a minimum by planning ahead for laser repairs.

    Limits On Factory Warranties

    If the medical laser was purchased brand new, there will be a warranty for repairs included with it. The specifics of the warranty depends on the manufacturer. It may be only on parts or for full repairs or replacement. How long the warranty covers those repairs will also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It usually covers one to two years from purchase date, so check the warranty carefully.

    After the warranty period ends, it can sometimes be extended for another year. The upside to this is that if the laser repairs in that time frame, you won’t be stuck paying a huge bill for the repairs. The downside is that extending the warranty requires signing a contract and paying a hefty fee. Not all manufacturers will extend warranties either.

    Manufacturer Cosmetic Laser Repairs

    There are several issues when it comes to manufacturer repairs. The malfunctioning laser device must first be shipped to the factory. Generally, you are the one responsible for the shipping costs. It may take a month before the device is repaired, then it has to be shipped back to you. This means you are unable to offer the laser procedure for a long period of time. When clients can’t get the services they want at your clinic, they often seek out another cosmetic spa, meaning you lose revenue in the process.

    Third Party Repair Services

    Before purchasing an aesthetic laser machine, look for third party cosmetic laser repair services in you surrounding area. See what laser models they specialize in and check into their reputation. Ask if they are able to easily access replacement parts. Avoid purchasing a model that they do not specialize in as they may be unable to repair your machine when the time comes. Some repair shops require that you sign a repair agreement with them, but most do not.

    The local third party repair shops mean you can deliver the malfunctioning machine directly to their location, then pick it up the same day the repairs are completed. They usually can complete the repairs in less than a week. The quicker turnaround time allows you to get back up and running in no time.

    Aging Models May Not Be Repairable

    Keep in mind that age does matter when it comes to laser equipment. The older the model, the more difficult it will be to find replacement parts. Factories stop manufacturing parts to older models after a new model comes out. The intent is to get customers to purchase the newest design. That is something to keep that in mind when purchasing a pre-owned cosmetic laser.

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