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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Need To Repair Your Medical Laser Or IPL Equipment?

    Medical Laser Repair – Third Party Servicing and Repair Companies Are Your Best Bet

    There are three common questions asked when purchasing a cosmetic laser or IPL machine. By addressing these questions, it can ease the decision making process of choosing which equipment to buy.

    Repair Companies for Medical Equipment?

    Yes, they do exist! Although repairing medical laser equipment and IPL machines is a very niche market, it wasn’t until more recently that third party repair companies were able to acquire the knowledge, skills, and man power to repair cosmetic lasers and IPL machines at a fraction of the cost by the original manufacturer. Prior to these third party companies, only laser equipment manufacturers were able to reliably service and repair. Finding a reputable and reliable third party company to service and repair your equipment is the most important challenge. During your research read or watch testimonials and reviews to help select a company that is right for your business. Choosing the wrong third party repair company can cause unwanted problems and therefore have a negative effect on your business.

    Is It Possible To Source Parts for Medical Lasers?

    Yes, although it may be somewhat difficult to find the exact part your machine needs, it is possible. Depending on the manufacturer and type of machine you purchased, finding the right parts for the cosmetic laser may be easier or more difficult. Consult with a specialist in the industry to see which parts need frequent servicing or replacement. Reliable third party service/repair companies can be a great place to start looking for parts your machine needs.

    Is Cosmetic Equipment Dependent On Consumable Parts?

    In contrast to older equipment, newer equipment uses consumable parts. Manufacturers such as Syneron, Candela, Cynosure, Cutera, Palomar and Lumenis purposely create newer machinery this way to ensure constant revenue. In addition to the uniqueness of medical and cosmetic laser parts, consumable parts are specific to each model. Be sure to add the cost of consumables to your expenses prior to purchasing a cosmetic laser machine to avoid any unexpected expenses.

    Some manufacturers will program the hand piece to lock after a certain number of shots- another way to ensure constant revenue from the buyer. When the hand piece locks, they charge thousands of dollars to reset the shot count. There are third party businesses that can reset the shot count on your hand piece for a fraction of the manufacturer’s cost. Be sure to research if a third party business near you can do this prior to purchasing a medical laser or IPL machine. Be sure to do a reasonable amount of research regarding the cost of maintenance and consumable parts of your equipment. Gaining the knowledge of the industry and equipment before purchasing can help you run your business more efficiently and effectively- ultimately becoming more profitable, possibly in a shorter amount of time. Spending a few extra minutes now can save you a significant amount of time and money in the long run.

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