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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Merits to Buying Pre-owned Medical Lasers

    People care about the appearance of their skin and these days, medical lasers are designed to treat a variety of skin conditions. In fact, the treatments cover a range of things from reducing scar tissue or lesions, diminishing wrinkles, and hair removal. It’s probably why cosmetic laser services grew to be so popular. Spas are able to provide treatments that don’t require invasive surgery. The client goes through minimal pain and little to no recovery time.

    To grow your business, it’s logical to purchase a medical laser machine. Not only does it allow you to provide an additional service, but it also makes the clients happy. When the client is happy, they generally refer your business to their friends.

    Buying a Medical Laser is Expensive

    You may not have purchased a medical laser for you company as they are simply too expensive. The price can easily exceed $100,000 for a new laser machine, an intimidating amount of money when faced with the decision. That doesn’t mean purchasing a device is out of reach. There is the option of acquiring used medical laser equipment.

    Reducing the Expense

    Previously owned cosmetic lasers sell for around 50% of the full price of a new machine. In some cases, you may be able to save as much as 80% of the original cost. That money could certainly be used elsewhere in your business.

    Choosing a Resale Company to Buy a Laser From

    It’s imperative that you find a trustworthy dealer to buy your previously owned laser device through. You don’t want to be scammed out of your money. Too many dishonest businesses exist, but there are some reputable ones still out there.

    Begin by searching for a broker who offers various laser devices. You wouldn’t buy a car from a dealer that carries only one make and model and the same should apply to your medical laser provider. Ask questions about each device and steer clear from a dealer who is uninformative about the product they sell.

    A Warranty is Unlikely

    Any warranty that originally was issued with the medical laser most likely has expired before purchase the machine second-hand. That should not be a problem if you buy your device from an ethical broker as they would have stringently tested the used device before selling it.

    Even though your used laser device was probably tested and should work for a while without issue, it will most certainly malfunction at some point. Research local repair shops to see if one handles repairs on the model you intend to buy. Your business won’t do well if it breaks and you are unable to get it repaired right away.

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