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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Using a Used Medical Laser to Boost Your Practice Revenue

    If you have a cosmetics practice or spa that offers skincare treatments, you already know that owning a business can be like walking a tightrope. You have to maintain a delicate balance between keeping clients happy and keeping your business profitable. That’s why using a used medical laser to boost your practice revenue could be such a good idea.

    Why Shouldn’t You Buy a New Laser Device?

    You might be wondering why you shouldn’t just go the extra mile and invest in a brand new laser. You might be assuming that a newer model would be more functional and last longer. But that isn’t always the case. There are actually a lot of reasons not to buy a newer model. The most obvious is that they can be nearly double the cost of used medical lasers.

    A second reason why you might want to avoid getting a brand new machine is that they aren’t always tested as well as older models. They don’t have proven reputations and histories that you can verify. Sometimes it’s better to be able to tell your clients all about a used model and its capabilities, rather than just introducing a shiny new machine to your practice and expecting them to assume that it works well.

    What Are Used Medical Lasers Capable of Doing?

    Used medical lasers are fully capable of doing whatever newer models can do within reason. Obviously, a model that is more than four or five years old might be a bit outdated. But one that is only a year or two years old should have the same capabilities of one that was produced this year. One reason why so many people are turning to used laser devices in recent years is that they have finally figured that out. For a long time there was a myth that lasers become obsolete soon after they are made.

    Today’s laser devices, whether used or new, can allow you to perform a wide variety of treatments on your clients’ skin. If you have clients that want to zap away a few minor wrinkles, or if they have deeper skin concerns, you can treat them with confidence, even if your laser is a used model.

    A Couple Used Medical Laser Buying Tips

    When you’re planning to buy a used medical laser one good tip is to rent one or two first. That way you can familiarize yourself with the type you are considering and make sure that it’s the right choice for your practice before you actually buy one.

    Secondly, be sure that you trust the reseller fully. Used lasers still cost a lot of money, albeit not as much as new ones. So, you should always protect your investment by checking out the company’s reputation and history before making your purchase.

    As long as you make an informed buying decision, a used medical laser should be a fantastic addition to your practice. By offering laser skin procedures, you can easily draw new clients in. Even your existing clients are likely to take advantage of the new services, which is good news for you because they won’t stray away to your competitors.

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