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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Medical Laser Rental

    Medical Laser Rental Advice

    If your practice is just starting out, medical laser rental might be a great way to increase your client base. When you rent the proper laser hair removal equipment, you can offer more procedures and attract more clients. You can also make sure that the clients in your area actually want certain services before you invest fully in devices to perform those services. Eventually, you might want to buy certain laser hair devices, if there is enough demand for the procedures. However, buying medical laser equipment isn’t always the best solution for every business owner anyway.

    Important Information About Buying a Cosmetic Laser

    The first thing you need to know about buying a cosmetic laser is that it will require you to spend a lot of your capital. In fact, it could cost $100,000 or more just for the laser hair removal device itself. That doesn’t even include any repair or service contracts you may need to purchase.

    Short-Term Medical Laser Rental

    It’s easy to see why short-term medical laser rental might be a better option, especially if you have a small business or one that is just starting up. You may not have that much capital to throw into one new machine. Even if you do, that capital might be better spent elsewhere for the time being.

    Renting a medical laser by the month costs much less money up front, and it also offers you a lot more flexibility. You can spend a month or two deciding if cosmetic laser procedures are really good additions to your business or not that way. You can also use that time to learn more about the laser technology and how it works, as well as whether or not your clients seem interested in the added procedures.

    Medical Lasers Are Not All the Same

    Speaking of your clients, another good reason to rent as opposed to buy is that medical lasers are not all the same. Different clients may have different skin types and benefit from different laser treatments, as a result. Renting can allow you to pinpoint which type of lasers will serve your particular set of clients best.

    Medical Laser Procedures

    You might think that medical lasers are only good for removing hair, but they can actually accomplish many different tasks. Some of those tasks include liposuction, skin tightening, reduction of scars, and removing pigmented lesions.

    The Bottom Line on Leasing Versus Buying

    There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to both buying and renting/leasing medical lasers. For example, leasing is almost always tax deductible. But buying can also give you a major tax deduction in certain years, depending on the tax laws and section 179 of the tax code. Also, buying costs more up front, but renting usually costs more over time. For example, if a machine cost you $100,000 to purchase, that same machine could eventually cost you a higher over-all amount to lease.

    One last thing to consider is that renting or leasing equipment also means that you can switch to renting or leasing newer equipment later on, if you so choose. In a business that is as ever-changing as this one, that is a definite bonus.

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