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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Medical Laser Repair Information

    What You Need to Know About IPL & Medical Laser Repairs Before You Buy

    Don’t buy a medical grade laser or IPL without finding out about repairs first. When you purchase a vehicle, you kick the tires and check under the hood, but do you think about the cost of repairing it later on? Some models are far more expensive than others. The same is true of laser devices. You need to look at how well it holds up against other models, how often it needs repairs, and if there is a local shop that services that model.

    Certified Laser Equipment Repair Technicians

    Not just anyone can repair a medical laser or IPL device. It requires someone with certified training and skills to understand the proper technique of repairing this equipment. In the past, you could only find such technicians by sending the laser device back to the manufacturers for repairs. That isn’t the only choice anymore.

    Instead of going direct to the manufacturer, you can now use a third-party repair service to get your laser equipment fixed. These independent repair shops don’t normally require that you pay for a service contract to retain their services. In addition, they usually do the repairs in a reasonable amount of time so you can limit your down time with that device.

    >Buying the Right Laser Device for the Right Repair Shop

    You might think that you can get your laser equipment repaired at any laser repair shop, but that just isn’t true. Special training is required to be a medical laser repair technician, and since there are a wide variety of machines, most technicians tend to specialize in certain models. It isn’t a good idea to buy a laser machine without checking the service shops in your local vicinity or you may find yourself in trouble when you need yours repaired.

    It’s a really good idea to ask other cosmetic practices who they use for a repair service. They can offer the referrals you need in order to find a reputable shop. Do some research to make certain the repair business you want to use is as good as they claim. When your machine malfunctions is not the time to discover they cannot perform the repairs you need. Delays in repairs will have a negative impact on your business.

    >Replacement Parts Matter

    Most third-party repair services specialize in certain models. If you want to purchase a different model than they specialize in, you need to think about how they will handle replacement parts for your machine. You would expect them to easily obtain the parts needed for the models they service, but they might not so easily find the right components for your machine. It’s a solid reason for purchasing a brand to match their specialty.

    Manufacturers don’t build the laser equipment to last forever, or they wouldn’t keep making money. Instead, they intentionally use parts that will break down over time so you will keep having to return to them. Think about each of these factors before you make a final decision on which brand of laser equipment to buy.

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