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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Making a Medical Laser Purchasing Decision

    Deciding On Medical Laser Equipment For Your Practice

    If you are trying to decide how to add a medical laser to your practice, you might find it to be a difficult decision. Which type of device should you buy? Is it better to buy that device straight from the manufacture brand new, or should you consider getting it from another source?  Here are some answers to some of those questions.

    What Types of Procedures Can Lasers Perform?

    The great thing about cosmetic laser devices is that they can perform a wide variety of procedures. Among the most popular are hair removal and wrinkle reduction. However, they can also help to get rid of unwanted tattoos, reduce cellulite dimples and fat deposits, and lessen the appearance of scars, among other things. That’s why adding one or more of them to your cosmetic practice can be such a good idea.

    Even so, not every medical laser can do every type of procedure or work on every type of skin. Therefore, you can’t expect a single laser device to be able to do everything that your customers might want.

    Which Kind of Treatment Should My Practice Specialize In?

    In order to select the right specialty, and therefore select the right aesthetic laser device, you should look at the needs of the majority of your regular clients. For example, if most of your clients are older, they may be most interested in wrinkle removal. On the other hand, younger clients may prefer to have embarrassing hair removed.

    Of course, you could also purchase more than one device, if you have enough overhead (saved money) to cover it. However, those costs can quickly add up, which means it may be best to start off with only one laser device. That begs the question, should you buy a new machine or a used one?

    What Are the Benefits of Buying a New Machine?

    If you buy a brand new cosmetic laser device, you will be able to offer your clients the latest technology. It’s also likely that your machine will come with a lengthy warranty of up to two years, especially if you purchase it directly from the company that produces it.

    What are the Benefits of Buying Used Medical Laser Equipment?

    Many used medical lasers are just as good as new machines, and don’t cost anywhere near as much. So, purchasing a used machine can really help you to save money. If your practice is new and you don’t have a lot to spend, that might be the best option for you.

    Even if your practice is well-established, buying a used device might be a better option. That will allow you to use the money that you save for other purposes. Alternatively, you could put some of that saved capital towards the purchase of a second aesthetic laser that can perform different procedures, allowing your office to specialize in two different types of laser treatment. That means more options for both you and your clients, and happy clients are likely to send more referrals your way.

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