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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Maintaining And Repairing Cosmetic Lasers

    Cosmetic Laser Repair & Maintenance

    Typically the buyer is protected by a warranty period after purchasing an aesthetic, or cosmetic, laser. In other words, the manufacturer takes responsibility for anything that happens to the equipment, of course with a few exceptions. Usually this grace period lasts approximately 1 to 2 years in which all repair costs are covered. This is also referred to as the honey-moon period.

    After the warranty is up you and your business are now responsible for repairing and servicing of your purchase. While annual servicing contracts cost about $10,000/year, if you read the fine print this contract still additionally charges for labor and parts- absurd. Although it may seem as if there are no other options rather than committing to a service contract, think again. There may be a third party service and repair company that specializes in cosmetic laser equipment. They can repair your cosmetic laser or IPL device without the additional cost of the service contract. As with any third party organization, it important to research the company and make sure they are legitimate. While most of these service/repair companies specialize in only specific manufacturers, look for ones that have the ability to repair a large variety of medical lasers. Before purchasing your equipment, check to see if you have access a third party service/repair technician. If you can successfully find a reliable technician, you will be able to significantly lower your annual cost therefore increasing profitability.

    Check testimonials and reviews of cosmetic machine service/repair businesses or technicians in your area. Ask for references and spend an appropriate amount of time researching. Some companies claim they are able to repair the laser hair removal equipment; however, they then declare that other work needs to be done in order to increase costs. Spending extra time to find a trustworthy third party to repair your aesthetic laser equipment will save time and money in the long run.

    Two ways to get the most out of your cosmetic laser machine without incurring the annual costs of service contracts is to secure a reliable and reputable third party cosmetic laser equipment repair companies and have preventative maintenance regularly (such as replacing flash lamps, cleaning internal areas, making sure dust is not inside, and checking energy levels). Preventative maintenance is often overlooked but can easily end up saving you money in the long run. Cosmetic laser machines need to be taken care of regularly. Like any expensive purchase it is worth preserving and keeping it in near perfect condition. Whether you are looking to use this machine for years or looking to resell it in the near future, it always proves to be most beneficial to take care of your machine to the best of your ability.

    Finding a reputable aesthetic laser repair company will allow your business to not only be more profitable but also provide a convenience aspect to your business. Treat your cosmetic laser machinery and equipment well and it will treat you and your pocket in the same fashion.

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