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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Locating Aesthetic Laser Parts

    Buying aesthetic lasers might seem like a no-brainer of a business decision. Of course they will increase your profits. Of course your clients will respond well to them. After all, they are fixtures in the world of modern cosmetic procedures. But that doesn’t mean that just any laser will be the right fit for your clinic or spa.

    What Happens When You Need to Repair Your Laser?

    One of the biggest problems you could encounter after buying an cosmetic laser is that it could eventually malfunction. In fact, some of the newer models seem to be made with parts that have to be replaced after a certain number of uses or length of time. That’s all well and good if a company in your area knows how to repare or find parts for aesthetic lasers. But if not then you could find yourself up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

    Calling the Manufacturer for Laser Repairs and Parts

    When you buy your laser device, the chances are good that it will be under warranty from the manufacturer or retail seller. Obviously, you can call them whenever you need new parts for your machine. In fact, that’s exactly what they want. Their goal is for you to have to come back to them for maintenance.

    Unfortunately, those initial warranties will expire at some point, usually about a year after you make your purchase. At that point your options for parts and repairs will be limited to two. The first will be to sign up for a service contract with the manufacturer or reseller. The problem with that is that you’ll have to pay for that service every month, even when your laser is working without a problem.

    The second option is that you can find a company in your local area that is capable of repairing aesthetic laser devices and providing parts for them. The advantage is that most of those companies don’t require monthly payments. They will only charge you for work and parts that you actually use.

    The Problem with Third Party Laser Repair Companies

    The disadvantage of calling a third party company when your laser device breaks down is that the company may not have the specific parts or expertise needed to repair your specific model of laser, especially if the laser is a year or less old.

    There are two ways to get around that problem. The first is to ask local companies which models they can repair before you ever buy one. That way you can make your purchase knowing that you will have a repair company ready to go when you need them.

    Another way to get around that problem, at least somewhat, is to buy a used aesthetic laser instead of a new one. Used models have been around for a while. That means that it’s more likely that there are repair technicians around that know how to fix them properly. It also means that the parts for them are typically more widely available. Therefore, whenever you have a problem you will be secure in the knowledge that it can be fixed quickly by a local company and you can get back to providing skincare treatments for your clients right away.

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