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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Laser Hair Removal Equipment

    Laser and IPL hair removal equipment is a growing industry. In the late 1990’s manufacturers came out with commercial laser hair removal equipment for doctors and spa owners. Trying to sell directly to the consumers and lock in additional profits, they created home laser hair removal machines.

    These machines are compact and look very appealing. Anyone who has had hair removal done, knows it’s a seriously regimented process. Additionally, a certain amount of energy needs to emit from the laser to shatter the follicle. This causes the follicle to be weaker and weaker with each treatment. Doing this process 8-10 times is what prevents it from even growing back.

    The main question you must ask yourself- can a home hair removal machine accomplish the same task as the one your doctor uses?

    We want to believe it can. If we are honest with ourselves, and understand the process of hair removal, we realize they are selling us on hope. Hope that we don’t need to leave the house anymore and can permanently remove hair without having to see anyone or undress in front of a nurse or doctor.

    However, the home hair removal equipment is simply a glorified razor. The effects are not permanent. It may reduce the thickness of the hair, but does not stop the follicle from growing. In order to do that, you need a laser or at least a Intense Pulse Light device. The ones you take home and can put on your bathroom counter simply don’t have the power needed to accomplish the task.

    Many states in the United States of America do not require you to be a medical professional to operate the devices that actually accomplish the task of permanent hair removal. Research your state and see the laws. If you wish you can become licensed and buy a cosmetic laser hair removal machine that will permanently accomplish the task.

    It is highly recommended that for true quality results, you see a professional. Just like you would not cut your own hair, it is not recommended that you permanently remove your own hair.

    It sounds great in theory. Aesthetic laser equipment hair removal has been optimized to accomplish permanent removal of the hair. Be sure when researching the task not to just look at price. Even in the professional field you should know what machines they use. If they cost less, but don’t have a quality hair removal device, you will need to visit them more times than a spa or medical practice with a high quality hair removal machine. In the end it may even cost you more.

    Hair removal is a real task and needs to be treated as such. Find someone reputable, with high quality hair removal devices, and see them religiously. Doing this, and only this will ensure that you set out to accomplish this task only once. It will also ensure you do it with the least amount of out of pocket cost. There are no short cuts here.

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