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Does Home Laser Hair Removal Equipment Really Work?

The laser hair removal industry started back in the 1990s. Soon there were dozens of laser hair removal machines being used by doctors all over. Then the spa industry started to use them as well. Eventually, the laser hair removal movement was in such high demand that companies began to mass-market at-home laser hair removal devices. But do they really perform as well as commercial laser hair removal devices? That’s the question. In order to understand the answer, you first have to know how the professional devices work.

Hitting Hair at Its Follicles:

The hair follicles, or roots, are what you need to be concerned about. Commercial lasers are strong enough to really penetrate through the skin right down to the hair follicles. Although it may take a few commercial treatments, eventually the follicles are attacked to the point where the hair won’t grow back at all, or at least won’t grow back for a long, long time.

It’s important to note that the strength and precision of the commercial laser hair removal equipment is what makes it effective in a spa or clinic setting. The at-home laser hair removal devices are not the same at all. So, it can be a bit like comparing apples and oranges.

How At-Home Laser Hair Devices Operate:

At-home laser hair devices are not strong enough to prevent hair growth at the follicles. They can remove some hair, but it will grow back faster than if you had a treatment done at a professional clinic or spa with a professional laser hair removal device. You might find that the unwanted hair thins out a bit over time, though. So, the convenience of being able to treat your own unwanted hair at home might be enough to make it worth repeating the process all the time.

How to Get Better Results at Home:

You might be wondering if there’s any way for you to get better results than that at home. Well, the answer is possibly, depending on what state you live in. In some states, private citizens can purchase professional laser hair removal equipment and use it in their own homes. However, you do need to have the proper training and licensing in your state, even though you may not be required to have a medical background.

Choosing Professional Treatments:

If you don’t feel comfortable performing your own professional laser hair removal treatments at home, or if your state doesn’t allow it, you might still want to consider going to a professional for laser hair removal treatments. These days, they are usually affordable, and a few treatments may be all you need to say good-bye to that unwanted hair for a long period of time, if not forever.

Of course, some professional laser hair removal is better for specific problems or skin types. Also, not all professional spas or clinics have the best reputations. So, if you do decide to have professional treatments done, do a little research ahead of time. The selection process should involve checking references and confirming that the clinic or spa has happy clients. Once you find one that you are comfortable with, you can look forward to simple laser hair removal treatments with very few side effects.